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Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Movie Review

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The Good: It was nice to see the turtles' individual personalities on full display. Michelangelo provided some great comic relief which many will enjoy. The fight scenes were also really nicely done. That was made possible by the film portraying the main villain, Shredder, as a worthy adversary. Despite the fact that the Shredder looked like a Transformer, his body armor and weapons still seemed to work for this movie. The way he used his blades were captivating and innovative.

The Bad: Megan Fox's character, April O'Neal, seemed to be force fed into this movie more than she needed to be. For those who grew up watching the Ninja Turtles, we already know that April is a supporting character, but this movie makes her almost a central character to a fault. At some point her role in the plot just seems overly cliche', cheesy, and unnecessary. On another note, while the movie does try to put a more modern twist to the movie, I think that it was a major stretch that the turtles were unaffected by certain weapons.

The Reason: When you're able to look past the eye-roll worthy Megan Fox parts, this movie is definitely enjoyable to watch. If you missed it in theaters then you probably won't benefit as much from the 3D effects. Either way, if you're a 80's baby who loved the turtles, this is worth your time.

The Rating: 7.0/10

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Friday, December 12, 2014

Exodus: Gods and Kings Movie Review

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The Good: Christian Bale (Moses) does well as a militant Moses, but I think that Joel Edgerton (Pharaoh Ramses) may have stolen the spotlight from under Bale. Edgerton does a nice job of conveying a character with a broad mix of emotions and really steps up to the plate in being the antagonist to Moses. Director Ridley Scott also delivers a great visual for the audience. The scenes of Egypt, the action packed battles, and the plagues were all entertaining to see.

The Bad: For whatever reason, this movie feels too "Hollywood" rather than a story into a different time and place. It seemed as though Sigourney Weaver (a Queen of Egypt) and Aaron Paul (Joshua) were add to the movie more so for their namesake. It just felt off, as with many other characters casted.  As for the story itself, it does take a very modern, artistic, and more secular perspective on this biblical narrative. (Think of the movie Noah, but less over the top). The miracles (which would usually be the highlights of the film) are unfortunately robbed of their extraordinariness with some of the character's rational explanations.  There's probably a very good chance that many people who are knowledgeable about the biblical story will simply not like how Moses or God are portrayed throughout the film. Unfortunately, the movie does seem to drag on for a while until you get to the much anticipated plagues and Red Sea crossing. This may just be me, but it seemed like the Red Sea Crossing was a bit of a let down too. I guess you can blame Charlton Heston for raising the bar so high.

The Reason: As you may have already heard, there is a bit of controversy with the "white wash" casting done in this film. It's not with every character, just the main ones. Some people may be slightly distracted with the constant caucasian, blue eyed characters that are supposed to represent characters of middle eastern descent. Sad thing is that this is nothing new in Hollywood, so more than likely most people will probably look past it 30 mins into the movie. The director is known to be an agnostic, so don't be surprised if this movie strays away from the Biblical account or even the previous 10 Commandments movie.  You should absolutely NOT watch this film in 3D. There are no special effects that warrant it. Unfortunately, there's nothing about this movie that gives me the impression that it will become a classic on any level. If you still think you want to see this, watch it for the matinee price at best.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Movie Review

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The Good: Seems to be much more character development in this film for the majority of the characters. For instance, we get to see how Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) gains a certain perspective and sense of responsibility for the war that is going on. Liam Hemsworth also seems to finally develop into a respectable character and not just the "forgotten boyfriend" as he was in the previous movies. It is also interesting how the film distinguishes, but yet blurs, the lines between the "rebels" and the "Evil Capitol" under President Snow's control. The entire tone of the movie seems to shift into more of a political drama/suspense rather than the action-like feel the previous movies had when Katniss was actually in the Hunger Games.

The Bad: Unfortunately this movie seemed to drag the same point for far too long. The point being that war sucks, you can't escape the politics, people die, and it's really depressing. It seemed rather disappointing that there wasn't a bit more action because the 3 major scenes of action were actually pretty entertaining to watch. For some reason, it also seemed like the movie should've ended about 5 mins earlier than it did. (You'll see what I'm talking about when they do a long fade to black towards the end)

The Reason: Without having read the books, it's hard to say whether this movie is headed in the right direction or not. It is, afterall, only part 1 of 2 films. So with that said, it's more than likely that those who will go see this movie will probably do so out of loyalty from watching the previous Hunger Games movies. I think that if you go in fully knowing that this movie will not give any real answers or conclusions, and that it will end with a semi-anti-climatic ending, then you will more than likely enjoy the film.

The Rating: 7/10 

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The Last Exorcism Part II Review

 The Good: This movie will keep you in suspense from beginning to end. I liked the fact that they did recap a bit of the first movie especially how they start the movie exactly where the first ended.

The Bad: There's nothing really scary about the movie. I mean they do have some shocking moments that may make that scary girl in the movie theaters drop her popcorn, but nothing that will make your heart skip a beat.

The Reason: If you're a fan of exorcism movies like myself, you'll want to see this. I think the first film was better because there was more mystery involved. You didn't know if she was really possessed or if she was a psychological case. This movie pretty much just let's you know it's all demon possession and the dynamics of that situation. This movie really isn't begging for your money in the theaters. You'll be just fine if you rent it at home.

The Rating: 7/10

Thursday, November 20, 2014

The Maze Runner Review

The Good: From the very beginning you're thrust into a world of mystery. The plot is carefully unraveled and even till the very end, there are a few unpredictable twists. From then on it doesn't take long to grip you with suspense throughout the entire movie. The camera shots and angles when the boys are running through the maze will probably have you on the edge of your seat.

The Bad: While it's a major plus that the movie is unpredictable and keeps you guessing, it may come off as a little frustrating to some that you'll probably be left with more questions than answers at the movie's end. This could be due to a possible setup for a future sequel. Lastly while this may just be my own personal opinion, it was kind of hard for me to take Will Poulter seriously after seeing him in We're the Millers. No matter how tough he tries to act, he'll always be the kid that knows all the words to TLC's "Waterfalls".

The Reason: I must admit that I walked into this movie with extremely low expectations. I thought this was going to be yet another "teen movie" like the Divergent Series or The Twilight Saga. But, luckily there aren't any boring love scenes, or predictable storylines. You do still have the "teen movie" stereotypes like "The cool guy", "The mean bully", and a bunch of random cliques. Either way, if you're a skeptic of these types of movies, this one may just be the exception to change your mind. I'll recommend it for matinee viewing and/or rental material.

The Rating: 8/10

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dark Skies Review

The Good: Did a good job with presenting the aliens in a creepy way. Camera angles were done very well so that you couldn't see it coming if a "scary moment" was on the horizon or not.

The Bad: Story line wasn't that deep, and the twist ending didn't really pack much of a punch. Keri Russell for whatever reason constantly had close ups, and the only thing I could pay attention to was the bump on her lip. (Herpes? Cold Sore? Mole?) *shrugs* Either way, it was kind of distracting. Also the unbelievable doubt from the father will probably leave you frustrated. You know it all too well, all the obvious signs of trouble are flashing, and he'll just continue to believe "There's got to be another answer". Oh and that ending scene in the trailer, where the alien raises it's head up and all...NOT IN THE MOVIE. smh Must be in a deleted scene on the blue-ray or something.

The Reason: This movie will have the alien conspiracy enthusiasts to jump for joy. There's definitely more specific alien info presented here that goes way beyond little big head, wide eyed aliens that we are all accustomed to seeing. While this was a decent movie, it was far from great. The scare level was mild at best, and rather than having you jump out of your seat, you'll probably be saying "Whoah" rather than "AHHHHHHHHH!!!". You can rent this, but if you do go to the theater catch this as a matinee.

Rating: 6.5/10

Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The Good: Dwayne The Rock Johnson has done a great job at delivering this dramatic performance. (for an action star that is) This movie has displayed his wide range as an actor. He really makes the audience sense the feeling of being a father, and the sacrifices that parents make for their children. Heck I wanted the Rock to be my dad while watching the movie. lol

The Bad: The rock is a large individual, and it's just a really strange visual to see him not kicking butt. Seeing him outside of his normal action genre is very different, and in some cases just seems unrealistic.

The Reason: Despite the Rock's reputation as an action star, and the way this movie was portrayed in the trailer, this was far from an Action/Suspense film. It's more of a Drama/Suspense that happens to have one major scene of action. While I kinda think a little more action wouldn't have hurt in this movie, it would be a good watch in the theater. Of course, it would also make for a solid rental.

The Rating: 7.5/10

Identity Thief Review

The Good: This actually had more funny scenes than the trailer advertised so that of course is always a good thing. I must say that Melissa McCarthy is really coming along with her comedic movies. She was hilarious in Bridesmaids and she kept it going in this film. One surprise was the fact that she really showed some range as an actor by presenting some dramatic scenes. Who knew she could do drama and comedy at the same time? *shrugs*

The Bad: This film seemed really long. (almost 2hrs long) I think that comedies should just be 1hr 30mins max. The story line seemed a little unrealistic and in some places over the top as well. Jason Bateman is also only mildly funny at best.

The Reason: While this had some funny and memorable moments (e.g. Throat punches... Lol) I wouldn't say it was theater worthy unless you REALLY have to go see a comedy and just get out of the house. Otherwise you can definitely wait, and honestly if you didn't rent this, you wouldn't miss it.

The Rating: 6.5/10

Lincoln Review

The Good: An excellent display of acting from Daniel Day Lewis. He has you believing he's Abraham Lincoln from beginning to end. The story is pretty much during the Civil war and after the Emancipation Proclamation was passed. It shows more of an insider's look at the politics behind what it took to get the 13th amendment (to abolish slavery) ratified. It also shows President Lincoln's political genius in how he manipulated the political parties to achieve his goal for abolishing slavery. How historically accurate that may be, I cannot say however. Oh and Tommy Lee Jones comes in, surprisingly, and almost runs away with the show. His portrayal of Thaddeus Stevens was definitely worthy of Best Supporting actor nomination for the Oscars in my opinion.

The Bad: If you're not into politics then this movie is definitely not for you. The political dialogue is long, and sometimes hard to follow. (Subtitles may be your best friend for this) Took me about 3 tries to finish the movie. The back and forth from both political parties felt like I was watching the 1860's version of Fox News vs msnbc.

The Reason: While this was a solid movie, I'm hard pressed to believe that the average movie goer will go for this. I think that movie purists will definitely love it, and give it the due credit that it so rightfully deserves. I'd say it's rent worthy if you REALLY want to see it.

The Rating: 8/10

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A Good Day to Die Hard Review

The Good: Well Bruce Willis is BACK! The Good: TONS of action. There was so much unnecessary, but fitting, action in this film which would come at no surprise for Die Hard fans. The car chase scene from the beginning of the film sets you up roller coaster ride of suspense, and did I mention Action? Die Hard Fans will definitely appreciate the memorable moments.

The Bad: The father-son relationship seemed a little unnecessary. The whole "I hate you dad...you were never there for us! " thing just got tired real quick. Also, unfortunately the trailers seemed to have given away maybe 3/4 of the action scenes. So by the time you see them, you already know what's about to happen. The twist in the story line is also mild at best, and the movie was just sooo short. (only 1hr 30mins)

 The Reason: While I do think that Die Hard fans will be way more excited to watch and appreciate this, I think it's safe to say that this would be theater worthy if you're an action fan. It would also make for a great rental, but with all the explosions and gun fire, seeing it on the big screen does bring some value to the viewing experience.

Rating: 6.5/10

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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete Review (2014)

The Good: Really nice performances from Skylan Brooks (Mister) and Jennifer Hudson. They do a pretty nice job of portraying the dynamics of a strained mother/child relationship affected by drug use and poverty. I suppose if I have to say something good about Anthony Mackie I'd say he did a great job at looking like NBA star James Harden in this film.

The Bad: The character development of many of the supporting cast just didn't seem well grounded. For example Jordin Sparks' character seemed to just pop out of nowhere, and her friendship with Mister just didn't come off as natural. Seemed like the director just put her in the movie as a favor or something. Not only was the character development lacking, but so were many other issues in the story itself. There seemed to be more holes in the overall story than actual resolutions. (e.g. The store keeper's actions at the end, or Anthony Mackie's character entirely)

The Reason: This wasn't an entirely bad movie to watch, but it wasn't something you could plan your night around either. It has some rather depressing or sad issues that it deals with, so it's far from a "pick me up" type of movie. This would movie would probably be best for someone who's taking a sociology class or someone who can relate to being in the inner city. It's on Netflix and is ONLY worth the watch if you like the trailer. It is also available on DVD here as well. Otherwise, you're not missing much if you don't see this.

The Rating: 6/10

Friday, November 7, 2014

Interstellar Movie Review

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The Good: As expected, Matthew McConaughey shows off his Oscar Award winning acting chops as well as the supporting cast. The visual effects are great, especially with the help of the 70MM camera used to film it. (Movie purists will appreciate that) One of the most interesting things was the unique look at the effect of space-time relativity and various philosophies that impact our relationships with others. Of course Christopher Nolan delivers a multi-layered story filled with philosophical and scientific nuggets to leave you thinking, wondering, and questioning things even after you've finished watching. It was also enjoyable to have a bit of comedic relief from the military robots. (They may remind you of R2-D2 from Star Wars)

The Bad: Typically with Christopher Nolan films, you're in for a 2-3 hour movie. It's not necessarily the length that is troublesome (because the plots usually keep you locked in), but rather it's the complexity of the many layers buried into the plot. Watching a Nolan film is like going to a university lecture with actors doing the presentation. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to have deeply intellectual storylines, but I do think that it's fair to say that the average movie goer (who doesn't like sci-fi) isn't always trying to overthink things while trying to watch the film. Some of the concepts in the movie will either require for some people to rewatch the movie again, or go back and read a wikipedia page about it to make sure you really understood what happened. (Like yours truly did)

The Reason: The honest truth is that this movie is for us sci-fi lovers. If you're a fan of Nolan, you'll love this automatically. If you're an average movie goer, who hates the Syfy (SciFi Channel) and couldn't care less about special relativity, then I'd say take caution before watching this film. Similar to the movie Gravity, I believe that this is the type of movie that should be watched on a big screen so that you can get the full experience intended by the director. ONLY go see it in IMAX if you know that you'll appreciate good camera work. This is not like Avatar or Transformers, because nothing is in 3D or all in your face. (3D wasn't needed for the film anyway) This is probably the best and most authentic sci-fi film that we have to date outside of the typical Star Wars and Star Trek series, in my opinion.

The Rating: 8/10

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Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Edge of Tomorrow Movie Review (2014)

The Good: Tom Cruise doesn't disappoint with his delivery of sci-fi action. Surprisingly, there was a bit of comedic relief with all the "repeats" that occur in the film. One of the best aspects of the movie is how they don't really waste that much time with all of the time loops. You get the idea that he has to repeat the day, and the well planned editing allows us to explore all of the possibilities in the film's story.

The Bad: The supporting cast really didn't seem all that...well supportive. They seemed to just be extras who only become relevant later in the film. Beyond that there may be some out there who find issue with the ending. You will have to pay attention to detail, so there may be some confusion with some of the storyline if one isn't careful. Because of that, some people some may view the ending as a bit anti-climactic. Finally, the movie does seem to feel a little long with all of the continuous time loop possibilities that it seeks to explore.

The Reason: This movie could be easily summed up as Groundhog Day + Elysium+ Oblivion + The Matrix 3. The story is original but you can't help but feel as though many parts of it are recycled. Either way, if you're into sci-fi movies and a decent amount of action, it's worth your time. I'd say it makes for a solid rental to watch at home.

The Rating: 7.5/10

Friday, October 31, 2014

Nightcrawler Movie Review (2014)

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The Good: Jake Gyllenhaal does a great job with his character, "Lou". He really makes you believe that his character is truly disconnected from the normal world. So much so, that some scenes may make you feel slightly uncomfortable the more you realize just how strange "Lou" really is. His overall development is probably the main thing that will keep you interested. Another highlight is the moral ambiguity that the movie tries to press. Was "Lou" wrong for recording "news" the way he did or was it just part of the business?

The Bad: Outside of Jake's character, there really isn't very much to help this movie stay interesting. From the supporting actors to the plot itself, there's just nothing else to really keep you actively engaged. So if you are disinterested in his character, you pretty much have very little reason to continue watching the film altogether.

The Reason: I think that despite some really good acting from Gyllenhaal, this movie just isn't worth your money this weekend. I honestly don't think that many people will want to rent it either. But for movie enthusiasts, who appreciate good acting and a dark suspense genre, this may be something you simply add to your iTunes queue in the far future. Save your money for now.

The Rating: 6.5/10

Thursday, October 30, 2014

Repentance Movie Review (2014)

The Good: Forest Whitaker plays the "crazy" role fairly well.

The Bad: The writing, the directing, the acting, the story line, Anthony Mackie, Mike Epps's New Orleans accent, and so much more.

The Reason: This movie was an embarrassment to "black movies" and probably the reason why they get stereotyped in Hollywood as not being successful. It was almost like all of the actors in the movie had a meeting and agreed to collectively dumb down their acting skills. Sanaa Lathan disappointed because her character was flat and didn't really demand much acting talent. (Sanaa can and has done much better.) Anthony Mackie proves once again that he's not ready to carry a movie as the lead actor. He just simply over acts his parts. (See Crossover... no wait, don't go see that.) There are so many parts in this movie that simply don't make sense, or are so easily predictable, that you'll probably prefer to schedule root canal before watching this movie. I strongly suggest avoiding this movie, and if it comes up your Netflix recommendations, feel free to write a very angry letter to Netflix for polluting your queue with garbage.

The Rating: 4.5/10

Friday, October 24, 2014

John Wick Movie Review (2014)

The Good: Action galore. One of the best things about this movie is the gun fights. Keanu Reeves does a great job at showing us a rather unique fighting style of close combat gun fighting. He uses a gun almost how a martial artist uses their hands. It's really entertaining to watch. Which leads to the next point about the fighting choreography. In a weird sense, it almost looks unscripted and lends itself to seem a little more realistic. When you pair the fighting choreography up with the MANY bloody, fatal gun shots, you've got an interesting recipe for a gun toting action flick. Also, there's a splash of humor throughout the film that will get you to chuckle a few times.

The Bad: The story was kind of basic. You've seen it in the trailer so there's nothing much to build on beyond them killing his dog from his dead wife. (Trust me, that's no spoiler) While the action is great for the majority of the film, the ending is pretty blah.

The Reason: Keanu is back! This was a good movie for him to do, even though he still comes off as a grumpy Neo from The Matrix. This was an enjoyable movie, especially if you enjoy action films. Is it worth going to see in the theaters? I'd say yes ONLY if you're an action junkie. If you're not that big of an action fan, then you can wait for this to hit Netflix in the future. I'd probably only recommend watching this for the matinee price at the very most.

The Rating: 7/10

Friday, October 10, 2014

Dracula Untold Review (2014)

The Good: Unlike other movies that take way too long to develop background stories and characters, this movie doesn't waste any time getting straight to the point. Within the first 20 minutes you're already at the parts you've been waiting for. (Dracula's origin) It is nice to see a slightly different rendition of Dracula's story on the big screen, with a much more grounded sense to it. The introduction was actually very similar to that of 300, but with far less action. There are also some unique camera shots that do help the action scenes feel different and original. Luke Evans is believable and a nice actor. You'll probably only stay interested in the movie when he's on screen.

The Bad: Despite starting off on a good foot, it just seems as though this movie feels very flat. The action is just OK, and the plot really isn't that interesting. (Besides how he becomes a Vampire) The commercials/trailers for the movie may be to blame here as well. There's very little that's left in the film that hasn't already been seen in the trailer. (Watch at your own discretion) Plus Dracula's powers could've been expanded and utilized much more.

The Reason: If you were expecting a really cool vampire movie, you may have to wait for the potential sequel. It just seems like there was more that could've been done with the film.  This isn't a horrible movie at all. It's a download/rental type of movie, so don't feel bad if you didn't see it when it first premiered.

The Rating: 6.5/10

Friday, October 3, 2014

Gone Girl Movie Review (2014)

The Good: The acting by Ben Affleck was good, however his co-star Rosamund Pike (his wife in the movie) may have passed him up in the acting department. She may even be in consideration for some awards if I had to make a guess. Tyler Perry was a nice addition too. Unfortunately I can't speak too much about the characters because the entire film is a mystery. While you watch, prepare to be taken on an emotional roller coaster where you may find yourself saying the following: "What the hell?", "Oh my God, did he....?", "I can't believe ....", "I cannot stand that...", "well I didn't see that coming." The many plot twists will make this movie incredibly difficult to predict but will keep you engaged, and intrigued, all the way to the very end. (Unless you read the novel, but then you're just cheating. Lol)

The Bad: The movie is a very slowly paced film. So the fact that it's 2.5 hours long will really make you feel like you slightly aged after seeing it. Beyond the length and slow pace, the movie's multiple plot twists and curious ending MAY leave some people a little dissatisfied. (Even though I don't share that sentiment)

The Reason: I have not read the Gone Girl novel, but my guess is that this movie did it justice. If you were like me, and didn't want to give this movie a chance because of the trailer, then I ask that you reconsider. The trailer doesn't give a lot away, and it will surpass whatever you thought this movie was really about. I think that because this movie is kind of slow and long, it may be a better movie to watch in the comfort of your own home. But do not be mistaken, this is a really good quality movie to watch. Especially if you want something with a little more substance than the many comic-book action movies that have plagued the summer months. If you do plan on seeing it, see it as a matinee, use the restroom beforehand, and get plenty of popcorn. It'll be worth the watch.

The Rating: 8.0/10

Annabelle Movie Review (2014)

The Good: I've got to give it up to James Wan (who brought you the The Conjuring and Insidious) for being the master of horror. One of the best elements of this movie is how they can make you scare yourself. Without giving too much away, the things you THINK you should be scared of will be used against you. What you expect to happen, may or may not happen. Wan has mastered the ability to make certain scenes in the movie simply creep you out, and keep you in a state of suspense and high anticipation. (The Basement/Elevator scene will prove this) Lastly, the trailer is a bit misleading in regards to the real horror in the movie.

The Bad: Be prepared for the stereotypical reactions from most scary movies. You know the type. After all the creepy things start happening around them, it's not until it's way too late that they actually think to themselves "Hmmm, I don't think this is normal"...or "I may need some help with this". Oh and don't forget the random running away from the scary thing, random trips, screams, and so on. When you get beyond your mild annoyance with that, Alfre Woodard's character seemed entirely way too convenient. You'll understand her purpose at the end of the movie, but it just seemed like a bit of lazy writing with the way she just randomly fits into the movie.

The Reason: If you enjoyed watching the Conjuring or Insidious then consider this movie a minor step below. The Conjuring was much better, and this movie borrows a lot of the horror tactics from the Insidious movies. While this movie is a prequel to the Conjuring, it does a nice job of standing on it's own two feet. If you're looking for a nice horror film that will be filled with some "boo-ahhhh" moments, please check this out. I think this is theater worthy IF you're not afraid of scary movies...and a dirty doll. Oh and if possible, try NOT to watch the trailer. They give away some good parts that may have been scarier if you never saw the trailer.

The Rating: 8/10

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Equalizer Movie Review (2014)

The Good: Denzel Washington doesn't disappoint. He's surprisingly still able to deliver believable action sequences all while still maintaining his smooth demeanor. Once the movie gets going, there's a nice flow of action and suspense to keep you entertained till the end of the movie. Of course, no action film is really good without an evil villain. Marton Csokas does a nice job at playing Denzel's adversary throughout the film. The plot is pretty straight-forward and easy to follow.

The Bad: There's probably about 20 minutes wasted in the beginning of the movie. It's very slow and aims to try and develop the relationships Denzel's character has with his friends and coworkers. Only problem is that most of that could've been summed up in a much shorter time and a few scenes could have probably just been deleted. Lastly if you're looking for some shocking twists, or surprise endings, don't count on it. This movie's plot is pretty basic, and possibly to a fault...especially if you don't like predictable movies. (But you're watching this for the action, not the deep storyline)

The Reason: If I could sum up this movie, Denzel is like Batman + MacGyver + The Bourne Identity + Home Alone. Yes, you read that correctly. You'll probably look at The Home Depot quite differently after watching this film. Either way, this film was worth the watch IF you're looking for an action film that will bring you back to the days of the 1990's when action films were actually cool. I don't think many will be disappointed, and if the trailer doesn't convince you to go see it in the theater, then make sure you check it out whenever it comes out on Netflix. It can make for a great Redbox rental night.

The Rating: 7.5/10