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Tuesday, November 11, 2014

The Inevitable Defeat of Mister and Pete Review (2014)

The Good: Really nice performances from Skylan Brooks (Mister) and Jennifer Hudson. They do a pretty nice job of portraying the dynamics of a strained mother/child relationship affected by drug use and poverty. I suppose if I have to say something good about Anthony Mackie I'd say he did a great job at looking like NBA star James Harden in this film.

The Bad: The character development of many of the supporting cast just didn't seem well grounded. For example Jordin Sparks' character seemed to just pop out of nowhere, and her friendship with Mister just didn't come off as natural. Seemed like the director just put her in the movie as a favor or something. Not only was the character development lacking, but so were many other issues in the story itself. There seemed to be more holes in the overall story than actual resolutions. (e.g. The store keeper's actions at the end, or Anthony Mackie's character entirely)

The Reason: This wasn't an entirely bad movie to watch, but it wasn't something you could plan your night around either. It has some rather depressing or sad issues that it deals with, so it's far from a "pick me up" type of movie. This would movie would probably be best for someone who's taking a sociology class or someone who can relate to being in the inner city. It's on Netflix and is ONLY worth the watch if you like the trailer. It is also available on DVD here as well. Otherwise, you're not missing much if you don't see this.

The Rating: 6/10

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