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Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Identity Thief Review

The Good: This actually had more funny scenes than the trailer advertised so that of course is always a good thing. I must say that Melissa McCarthy is really coming along with her comedic movies. She was hilarious in Bridesmaids and she kept it going in this film. One surprise was the fact that she really showed some range as an actor by presenting some dramatic scenes. Who knew she could do drama and comedy at the same time? *shrugs*

The Bad: This film seemed really long. (almost 2hrs long) I think that comedies should just be 1hr 30mins max. The story line seemed a little unrealistic and in some places over the top as well. Jason Bateman is also only mildly funny at best.

The Reason: While this had some funny and memorable moments (e.g. Throat punches... Lol) I wouldn't say it was theater worthy unless you REALLY have to go see a comedy and just get out of the house. Otherwise you can definitely wait, and honestly if you didn't rent this, you wouldn't miss it.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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