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Friday, November 7, 2014

Interstellar Movie Review

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The Good: As expected, Matthew McConaughey shows off his Oscar Award winning acting chops as well as the supporting cast. The visual effects are great, especially with the help of the 70MM camera used to film it. (Movie purists will appreciate that) One of the most interesting things was the unique look at the effect of space-time relativity and various philosophies that impact our relationships with others. Of course Christopher Nolan delivers a multi-layered story filled with philosophical and scientific nuggets to leave you thinking, wondering, and questioning things even after you've finished watching. It was also enjoyable to have a bit of comedic relief from the military robots. (They may remind you of R2-D2 from Star Wars)

The Bad: Typically with Christopher Nolan films, you're in for a 2-3 hour movie. It's not necessarily the length that is troublesome (because the plots usually keep you locked in), but rather it's the complexity of the many layers buried into the plot. Watching a Nolan film is like going to a university lecture with actors doing the presentation. I'm not saying that it's a bad thing to have deeply intellectual storylines, but I do think that it's fair to say that the average movie goer (who doesn't like sci-fi) isn't always trying to overthink things while trying to watch the film. Some of the concepts in the movie will either require for some people to rewatch the movie again, or go back and read a wikipedia page about it to make sure you really understood what happened. (Like yours truly did)

The Reason: The honest truth is that this movie is for us sci-fi lovers. If you're a fan of Nolan, you'll love this automatically. If you're an average movie goer, who hates the Syfy (SciFi Channel) and couldn't care less about special relativity, then I'd say take caution before watching this film. Similar to the movie Gravity, I believe that this is the type of movie that should be watched on a big screen so that you can get the full experience intended by the director. ONLY go see it in IMAX if you know that you'll appreciate good camera work. This is not like Avatar or Transformers, because nothing is in 3D or all in your face. (3D wasn't needed for the film anyway) This is probably the best and most authentic sci-fi film that we have to date outside of the typical Star Wars and Star Trek series, in my opinion.

The Rating: 8/10

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