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Hate movie spoilers? Good! You'll get straight to the point, quick, and spoiler-free movie reviews to help you spend your time and money wisely on movies. I'll give you the Good, the Bad, the Reason, and the Rating about each movie. ***Please disable any popup blockers***

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Tyler Perry's Temptation Movie Review (2013)

The Good: This was entertaining to say the least. Story line will keep your attention through out the film. The supporting cast also does a great job at...well supporting. Vanessa Williams and the little old lady at the pharmacy brought some surprising comedic moments. The story line, while it may not seem realistic for some viewers, stays true within the story being told. As always there will be a few moments that will make you "Ooooh” and ”ahhh" and make you go :-o

The Bad: Kinda predictable...

The Reason: This is a Tyler Perry film so you will get exactly what you expect. Drama, slight over-acting, but still a sense of realness with the film. This is pretty much a soap opera on the big screen..which isn't a bad thing. This would be a good date night film or a night out with the girls. (I don't envision very many guys meeting up for this) Lol. Tyler Perry fans will not be disappointed and I think the average movie fan, whose not overly critical, will enjoy this as well.

The Rating: 7.5/10

Monday, March 25, 2013

Olympus Has Fallen Movie Review (2013)

The Good: Gerard Butler definitely does a good job at just being an action star. (Please give up doing romantic comedies, Gerard, PLEASE!) The action is consistent, and keeps you engaged the whole time. One of my favorite aspects of any good action film is when the hero and the villain are equal (to a degree) in their skill levels. Rick Yune (the Korean bad guy) does a good job at giving Gerard's character a viable enemy to face.

The Bad: It's predictable in many areas, and the story line really isn't that deep. A lot of the security breaches that are exposed in the White House security are simply unrealistic...BUT you go with it for the sake of the movie.

The Reason: This is just a pure action film. It pretty much delivers what you expect. If you don't feeling like thinking, and just want to see guns shooting and things blow up, this is the movie for you! Dare I say, as an action film, this was a tad bit better than the latest Die Hard film. *shrugs* Given that the only competition in theaters this weekend was the movie "Admission" I think it's pretty safe to say this movie would be the ideal one to see. It's good, but not great. If you see it in the theaters, I doubt you'll regret it at all.

The Rating: 7/10

Monday, March 18, 2013

Zero Dark Thirty Movie Review (2013)

The Good: They show you what you want to see, which is how they caught Bin Laden. It's pretty interesting how they were able to track him down and find his location. There are also some torture scenes that are pretty degrading and may not be for sensitive audiences...but nevertheless they are intriguing to watch.

The Bad: Only real interesting parts were the beginning interrogations and the last 30mins where they catch Bin Laden. Other than that Jessica Chastain's acting kinda came off as unrealistic and a little forced. Whether it's true or not that the real person she was portraying was as "aggressive" doesn't matter. You'll notice what i'm talking about when you see how she speaks to her superiors. You may also get lost in all of the political and CIA jargon going on. It gets kind of difficult to keep up with all of the Muslim names that are tossed around ever so casually. (please forgive my American ignorance)

The Reason: Well there was a lot of hype around this movie. Who wouldn't be though. This was the movie about how they caught Osama Bin Laden!Just rent it if you want to. Like I said the beginning and the end are all that's really worth watching.

The Rating: 6.5/10

Thursday, March 14, 2013

Jack the Giant Slayer Movie Review (2013)

The Good: The story line was kind of intriguing. It goes a lot deeper into the Jack and the Bean Stalk fairy tale and definitely gets a lot darker with it. While the movie was 2hrs long, it still keeps you engaged because as one crisis is almost over, another turn in the plot develops.

The Bad: The 3D was "OK" but not spectacular. Due to it's PG-13 rating there was literally not an ounce of blood at all. This is in spite of the fact that the Giants were literally biting people's heads off, and eating them alive. But not one drop of blood. It doesn't ruin the movie, but it still is kind of odd when you consistently see those violent scenes.

The Reason: This is definitely worth a watch, and I'd say over Oz The Great and Powerful. I'd hardly say it is a "kiddie-movie" either, so adults can get a little something out of this too. If you see it in the theaters, I don't think you'll regret it. This wasn't a great movie, and it wasn't bad. It was just entertaining. As a rental this would make for a fun adventure movie to just sit and watch.

The Rating: 6.5/10

Saturday, March 9, 2013

Oz The Great and Powerful Movie Review (2013)

The Good: As expected, the visuals were very nicely done. Very bright and colorful to the eye. Zach Braff (aka "JD" from Scrubs) does a good job at being the comic relief as the side companion Monkey. Mila Kunis probably does the best job as far as acting in this film. (that's not saying much) She has the most interesting character that actually has some depth to it and character development. (still not saying much either) The Flying Monkeys were kinda cool. Definitely more veracious.

The Bad: Where to begin. I don't believe in James Franco as a legit actor. I don't know if he tries too hard, or not enough. *shrugs* The movie is long (about 2hrs). The beginning is interesting, middle is boring, and the end is just "okay". Without really giving anything away this movie could've used more connections with the original Wizard of Oz story, and that would be more so for the audience. While you may be interested in the Wizard's back story, you still want the movie to tie in more with the original. You don't really get that minus the appearance of Munchkins, Wicked Witch, and the Yellow Bricked Road. You may leave the movie feeling a bit incomplete and unsatisfied with this being a "prequel" of sorts.

The Reason: This movie really pushes the limits for being rated only PG. Please be aware that there are some scenes that may not be suitable for kids I'd say under the age of 9 or so. They talk about killing and having the streets run red with blood, and some of the scenes in the Dark forest may really give some young kids nightmares. It's not like this needed to be PG-13, but maybe more PG-10 or something. Oh and they actually show semi-graphic scenes violence but then cover it up in a non-violent way. You'll know it when you see it. The 3D effects seemed very forced in many areas. I'm disappointed. I'd honestly say wait for this one on rental.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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