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Hate movie spoilers? Good! You'll get straight to the point, quick, and spoiler-free movie reviews to help you spend your time and money wisely on movies. I'll give you the Good, the Bad, the Reason, and the Rating about each movie. ***Please disable any popup blockers***

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What is this site about?

Eman's Movie Reviews seeks to give the average moviegoer a quick, spoiler-free review of a movie to help people know if a movie is worth their time and money. I encourage people to comment on the reviews and share their thoughts before or after seeing the films. I also humbly ask that no spoilers be given out, out of respect for others who have not seen the movies.

Who is Eman?

My name is Emmanuel and I was born in Skokie IL, raised in Matteson, IL. However, I simply tell people I'm from Chicago because it just makes things easier. I'm happily married with two cute daughters that will never get married until the tender age of 35.

I started reviewing movies just like everyone else. Immediately after a movie, I’d turn to the person next to me and talk about the movie. (Whether they wanted to talk to me or not.) In an effort not to be socially awkward, I started posting my thoughts on movies on his regular Facebook page. My friends loved the reviews and encouraged me to start my own Fan Page. After growing to about 13,000+ international fans on Facebook, I decided to start my own website. (Eman’s Movie Reviews was born!)

My goal to be an unconventional film critic. My reviews are spoiler-free, brief, and straight to the point. My main goal is to help average movie-goers spend or save both their time and money in the theaters. I do this by giving you the good, the bad, the reason, and a rating of the films.

 What makes you different than other film critics?

  • I HATE spoilers! I loathe them with all my heart and soul. So I do the very best I can to never giveaway or ruin a movie with spoilers in my reviews. 
  • I do the best I can to be as brief as I can, and not simply giveaway all the plot points. There's a place for detailed and thorough reviews, and I believe in catering to the niche of people who just want the basics. Oh, I also have a short attention span too so...SQUIRREL!
  • I target average movie goers. That means I don't try and talk to movie purists, or comic book fans, or anyone in a particular demographic. I attempt to address casual movie audiences while still maintaining my own opinion in the process. 
  • In an effort to maintain my own unique voice, I deliberately write informally so that I can make sure I can address the most people of as many demographics as possible. :-) 

 Why do you do this? 

I absolutely love movies. Who doesn't? But even more so, I love talking about movies. I think everyone loves being a critic too, just like Dane Cook says here. Only difference is that I'm blessed with the opportunity to share my thoughts, and hopefully engage with others. However, my other reason is because I always wished someone had made a place like this in the first place.

I hated going into a movie and feeling overly disappointed without at least some heads up. I also hated reading reviews that simply spoiled the movie for me entirely. More importantly, I wanted to see and hear a review of a film that didn't focus on things I simply didn't care about. I found it troubling that there were very few minority voices speaking about movies. Even if it's a general movie, I wanted to hear and see minority voices speaking up on them. Since there didn't appear to be many, I decided to become one. Maybe this is just my small contribution to this world to save people a few dollars here or there, and interject a voice that one day will be heard by many. *shrugs*

Where Else can I find you? 

Current affiliations and connections are: 

 I am now official a proud member of the Chicago Independent Film Critic Circle and the African American Film Critic Association.

 How are you able to see all these movies? 

Unfortunately I'm not being paid to review these movies...yet. I pay for all of this out of pocket. This is the main reason why all movies will not always be reviewed during their debut weekend or sometimes not at all. Donations are greatly welcomed and appreciated. They would go towards more movie viewings, and random giveaway contests. 

How can you contact me?  

Got a request or suggestion for a movie to be reviewed? Or maybe you just want Eman's opinion on something to watch. Whether it's movie suggestions, general questions or feedback let me know here.

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