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Friday, January 30, 2015

Predestination Movie Review

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The Good: Without giving anything away, I think Sarah Snook did a nice job with her character's role. The film introduces a new twist in the time-travel genre. It's really interesting to see the complexity of time travel, without completely going over your head. The concept in itself is probably the most intriguing aspect because it'll have you still thinking about what really happened, or could have happened. (Chicken or the Egg?) There are some mild plot twists that will take the story down a very interesting path.

The Bad: Unfortunately, the mild plot twists weren't really concealed very well. You'll probably start to catch on sooner rather than later just what exactly is happening (or happened). Maybe it's the writing, but if you pay attention, there are so many clues dropped by the characters. However, this could be because I saw the trailer, and it may have given away a little too much information. I would advise NOT watching the trailer, but for those of you who like to go against the grain here it is.  Lastly, as with most time-travel movies, it can get rather confusing for many people. The film introduces a few different time-traveling theories, that the average person may not be really familiar with.

The Reason: This was actually based on the short story, "All you Zombies" by Robert A. Heinlein. (Do NOT read up on this short story or else it will ruin the movie!) The two movies that come to mind when I watched this were Looper and Splice. Yes, Splice. (You'll see the connection if you have the guts to watch Splice.) While Ethan Hawk has made some decent films (The Purge), this movie may not be for everyone. If you enjoyed Looper, or even another time-travel movie like Primer, then you may enjoy this. If you're like me, and haven't majored in quantum physics, then maybe reading this site about the plot may help.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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Thursday, January 29, 2015

No Good Deed Movie Review

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The Good: Well the anticipation for this film was whether Idris Elba could play the villain or not. He does, and he does so very convincingly. There's an okay level of suspense when the movie picks up the pace about 20 mins in, and there's also an interesting plot twist towards the end. Lastly, the movie didn't take very much time to get to the point. (Total run time of only 1 hr 24mins)

The Bad: Don't be surprised if you're able to predict about 85% of the movie. Outside of the mild plot twist towards the end, everything else you'll see coming from a mile away. While I do believe that both Idris and Taraji P. Henson are respectable actors, I do believe that they were both the victims of really poor writing. The fact that Taraji's character was sooooo dumb is almost nerve wrecking. She did so many unrealistic things in the movie that you'll probably be too busy yelling at her or pulling your own hair out at her character's stupidity. Whether it's how she deals with strangers, or how she simply doesn't understand that hitting someone one time doesn't keep them down, you'll be frustrated with her character for the most part.

The Reason: So here's the deal. The only reason this film is being reviewed is because there have been a number of female fans of Idris requesting a quick review of this. (I do serve the people after all) Is this worth the time for the average viewer? No. Does it make for a good watch if you're interested in having an excuse to see Idris take his shirt off and be very aggressive? Sure. Watch at your own discretion.

The Rating: 6.0/10

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Monday, January 19, 2015

Selma Movie Review

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The Good: Emotionally powerful from beginning to end. This film doesn't shy away from holding back on some shameful times in our history. Director Ava DuVernay does a marvelous job at showing her interpretation of events that centered around the city of Selma. The movie is jam packed with with a variety of actors that make interesting cameos. Tim Roth does almost too good of job playing Governor Wallace. David Oyelowo does probably one of the best portrayals of Dr. King in a feature film. Everything from his speeches to his southern dialect will make you believe that you're watching Dr. King on the screen. Probably one of the most interesting dynamics in the movie is how different groups (civil rights leaders, politicians, etc) each had different strategies in regards to how to deal with the civil rights movement.

The Bad: Unless you're a historian, it may be a little difficult to distinguish truth, fiction and embellishment. It should be noted that this shouldn't matter because the director's intent was not to make a historical retelling of the events. However, there are some scenes that she interprets in a particular way that may raise some eyebrows.

The Reason: I think the most important thing to know going into this movie is that it is NOT about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. While he was obviously a central figure, the film is about the civil rights marches in Selma that later changed America. It's definitely a tough movie to watch without feeling emotional afterwards. The film highlights the fact that only 50 years ago, we're still facing similar issues in our society today. Is this worth your time and money? I'd say so. Get your tickets for it, or get it when it comes on DVD. It's definitely a movie many should see.

The Rating: 9/10
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Friday, January 16, 2015

American Sniper Movie Review

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The Good: Director Clint Eastwood does a really good job highlighting and portraying some tough situations: The effects of family relationships, the struggle between separating war and "normal life", and much more. Bradley Cooper delivers a solid, award-worthy performance. He really puts you in a soldier's shoes when they are faced with incredibly difficult decisions to make, and not to mention the toll it takes on them afterwards. In other words, he showed the human side of being a soldier rather than simply being a "Legendary Sniper". Oh, and talk about suspense! You'll feel like you're almost on the battlefield while all the chaos ensues.

The Bad: While Bradley Cooper does an excellent job getting down that Texan accent, it is kind of hard to understand what he's saying at times. It constantly sounded as if he was mumbling while chewing tobacco or something.

The Reason: Based on a true story of Chris Kyle, who also wrote the book American Sniper, this movie is a real eye opener for anyone who's unfamiliar with what it takes to serve in the military. If you liked Lone Survivor, then you'll more than likely enjoy this film as well. This is an emotional, suspenseful movie about war, death, family, and more. I think that if you even know someone who's served in the military, then you'll be able to relate to this film on many levels. It's worth the watch in my opinion. Go see it.

The Rating: 8/10

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Friday, January 9, 2015

Taken 3 Movie Review

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The Good: Liam Neeson hasn't lost a step. He's still just as dangerous as before, except this time this film did a good job at highlighting his strategic abilities much more than just his Bourne Identity fighting style. It was nice to see how he challenged his "particular set of skills" against that of the police in an effort to save his daughter. There's plenty of action and, unlike the previous Taken films, there are better suspenseful car chase scenes. Thankfully the story is more of a loose continuation from the last movie, so you don't have to worry about the exact same story line being repeated. There are a few plot twists thrown in towards the end as well.

The Bad:  The plot twists, though mild, were a tad bit predictable. (But who cares, you want to see Liam kick butt anyway) Forest Whitaker's character seemed a little too obvious, in my opinion. Maybe I paid too much attention to it, but I thought it was just overly cliche' that he kept playing with a random chess piece. (Where did he even get that from??) It just seemed like the director kept whispering really loudly to the audience, "Hey...HEYYY!!! Did you see that? Forest and Liam are playing a game of chess in this movie! It's so symbolic!". 

The Reason: More than likely, you're interested in watching this movie because you loved Taken but maybe didn't really enjoy Taken 2 so much. Well I'm here to tell you that this installment made up for Taken 2. I don't think I can say it's better than Taken 1, but if they never made a Taken 2, Taken 3 would've made a much better sequel. Anyway, if you're in the mood for a good action film, by all means don't hesitate to watch this. 

The Rating: 7.5/10 

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[Article] Eman's Top 10 Movies of 2014

Here are my 10 movies of 2014 that I think are more than worth the watch. I'm pretty much basing this on which movies had good story-lines, general audience appeal, and replay-ability. Well let's get to it. Most of these are available on DVD/Blu-Ray and iTunes for download. I'll provide some links below to make it a little easier for you to check them out.

10.) Maze Runner

This was simply an interesting movie that was surprisingly not predictable. I enjoyed the fact that it didn't fall into the trap of being another stereotypical "teen flick" and left the door open for an interesting potential series. I hear the books are pretty good too. Check it out below:

9.) Annabelle

Probably one of the better horror films that came out this year. As always, producer James Wan (The Conjuring, Insidious) creates the perfect atmosphere of real horror and suspense. Check it out below:

8.) Equalizer

Remember that time in the 90's when action movies were cool? Well this brings you back down memory lane while keeping it modern. Denzel is as cool as the other side of the pillow while kicking butt and taking names. If you're an action junkie, you'll appreciate this film. Check it out below:

7.) Lone Survivor

Based on a true story and a best selling book, Lone Survivor was very interesting story of four Navy SEALS who find themselves in a very tough predicament while investigating the Taliban. There's plenty of action and suspense. It also gives an interesting perspective of those who serve our country on a daily basis and the horrors they have to face on our behalf. Definitely worth the watch. Check it out below:

6.) X-Men: Days of the Future Past

Have you been a fan of the X-Men Series ?  If you have then you've probably dealt with a lot of disappointment with the confusing storylines and the inconsistencies that followed. Well this movie sought out to correct that and do a lot of damage control. Whether it was successful or not is still debated, but nevertheless it still created a new foundation, and maybe a new hope for the franchise as well. If you're looking forward to the future X-Men movies, then this is the one that you need to watch to help you get on track.

5.) Interstellar

With director Christopher Nolan (The Dark Knight, Inception) at the helm, this was undoubtedly going to be a solid movie. This movie probably was the best sci-fi of this year, and arguably will be for quite some time. It attempts to focus much more on the actual scientific theories rather than on the "science fiction" that typically gets pushed in other sci-fi genres. It's worth the watch, maybe a few times, because some of the concepts are a bit "out there" so to speak. Watch it here:
Get Your Tickets to Interstellar Here Interstellar

4.) The Raid 2: Retaliation

If you've never heard of The Raid, then you should stop what you're doing now, and go pick it up. Once you watch it, come back and watch The Raid 2. The two movies are simply some of the best action films you've never heard about. While Raid 1 takes place on a more confined level, Raid 2 takes it up a notch and a half with more unique characters and much more fighting. You've probably never seen action or martial arts fighting like this and once you do, you'll never look at action films the same again. WATCH THIS. The story line may be blah, but you'll forget about that when you see the fight scenes. Check it out here!:

3.) Captain America 2: The Winter Soldier

This was a very close call because many people, especially those who love the Marvel movies (Iron Man, Marvel's The Avengers), will tote this film as the best one out to date. This was one of the first comic-based films that really didn't feel like a comic film. It was more of an espionage, suspense thriller that just so happened to have some comic related characters in it. That opened up the door to audiences who didn't even have to know anything about the comics at all. With that feather in their hat, Cap 2 is a solid movie to watch, even if you haven't watch the previous film or read the comics. Great watch and worth the buy too if you want to see a lot of the behind the scenes footage on the blu-ray. Check them out here:

2.) Gone Girl

Talk about a rollercoaster ride of emotions! This movie didn't appeal to many at first, until you either read the book, or heard about it via word of mouth. I actually went back to watch it 2x because it was that crazy! The twists and turns in this film make it very difficult to predict, and with the tons of comic based movies that released in 2014, this seemed to stand it's ground. I'm not going to give away anything about the movie, but I will just say, once you watch it, you'll probably know why I snuck it up to the #2 spot. You can watch it here:

1.) Guardians of the Galaxy

Well unless you've been living under a rock, this was probably not much of a surprise. Had you seen this in theaters, then you were given a visual treat with the 3D/Imax special effects. This was just a fun movie over-all. You got action, comedy and adventure all into one. Despite the fact that this movie is the same formula that made The Avengers popular, it still was very successful in bringing all types of audiences together to enjoy. You don't have to be a comic fan to love this, especially since many casual comic fans probably never heard of the Guardians of the Galaxy in the first place anyway prior to this movie.  By all means, add this to your collection: 

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