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Friday, January 16, 2015

American Sniper Movie Review

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The Good: Director Clint Eastwood does a really good job highlighting and portraying some tough situations: The effects of family relationships, the struggle between separating war and "normal life", and much more. Bradley Cooper delivers a solid, award-worthy performance. He really puts you in a soldier's shoes when they are faced with incredibly difficult decisions to make, and not to mention the toll it takes on them afterwards. In other words, he showed the human side of being a soldier rather than simply being a "Legendary Sniper". Oh, and talk about suspense! You'll feel like you're almost on the battlefield while all the chaos ensues.

The Bad: While Bradley Cooper does an excellent job getting down that Texan accent, it is kind of hard to understand what he's saying at times. It constantly sounded as if he was mumbling while chewing tobacco or something.

The Reason: Based on a true story of Chris Kyle, who also wrote the book American Sniper, this movie is a real eye opener for anyone who's unfamiliar with what it takes to serve in the military. If you liked Lone Survivor, then you'll more than likely enjoy this film as well. This is an emotional, suspenseful movie about war, death, family, and more. I think that if you even know someone who's served in the military, then you'll be able to relate to this film on many levels. It's worth the watch in my opinion. Go see it.

The Rating: 8/10

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  1. This movie looks good but wasn't sure about Eastwood. I'm surprised you rated it so highly but also glad.

    1. Eastwood has had a few misses recently, but I think this movie kind of redeems him a bit.

    2. what misses did you have recently? I liked jersey boys


    3. J. Edgar and probably "Hereafter" were some misses that come to mind, Cody.