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Hate movie spoilers? Good! You'll get straight to the point, quick, and spoiler-free movie reviews to help you spend your time and money wisely on movies. I'll give you the Good, the Bad, the Reason, and the Rating about each movie. ***Please disable any popup blockers***

Friday, July 25, 2014

Hercules Movie Review (2014)

The Good: The plot was a welcoming variation from all of the traditional greek mythology-based movies we've come to see over the years. We get an interesting emphasis on Hercules' "legend" for the majority of the movie. It does a pretty good job of blurring the lines between truth and legend. (Kind of like in Game of Thrones) You're going to get a decent amount of action and the expected level of acting from Dwayne The Rock Johnson.

The Bad: While there was a minor plot twist towards the end of the movie, it just wasn't anything that would blow your mind. This was a pretty basic movie in terms of the story, the character development, and sometimes even the action.

The Reason: To the movie's credit, the trailer surprisingly didn't give a lot away. Majority of the scenes you see in the trailer are at the very beginning, which enables you to enjoy the movie spoiler-free. The movie does offer a 3D element, which is nice. Because the movie is entertaining, but far from epic, I'd recommend seeing this as a matinee at best. It would make for a pretty decent rental. If you love greek mythology, this will give you a different perspective on it, so you'll probably appreciate it. Go in with with low expectations, don't expect to be Wow'd. Be sure to stick around for the animated credits that continue showing additional parts of the story.

The Rating: 7/10

Lucy Movie Review (2014)

The Good: The special effects create very nice visuals for the movie. You can clearly see that from the trailer. There are some cool scientific theories that get tossed around that will make you at least wonder about the possibilities. If you like super powers, there are plenty here on display throughout the movie.

The Bad: If you were expecting for Scarlett Johansson to kick butt the same way she did as Black Widow in Avengers, think again. Some of the movie felt a bit rushed in terms of her acquiring all these new powers. Her powers also seemed to be random and more animated than anything. It just felt like something was missing either from character or from the story as a whole that could've made this movie a tad bit better. Oh and the ending may leave some people a tad bit disappointed.

The Reason: This movie looks like a random assortment of like multiple movies all jam packed into one. Think something like The Matrix + X-Men Movies + Limitless + Jumper + Tron = Lucy. If you don't like those types of movies, then this movie isn't for you. It really goes in a far off direction and may lose people with how animated it comes off in some parts. While it was obviously the goal of this movie to push the limits and all, I don't think it'll translate well for most audiences. Only go see this if you really liked the trailer. I'm not sure if I'd say it is worth a matinee viewing unless you just really like Scarlett Johansson. Renting it is a big maybe too.

The Rating: 6.5/10

Friday, July 18, 2014

The Purge 2: Anarchy Movie Review (2014)

The Good: This original storyline gets expanded on a much broader basis. We are given a much deeper look into the moral dilemmas that the "Purge" creates on society as a whole. One thing that is for sure is that the level of suspense will grip you for about 95% of the movie. There's always a sense of danger, even when you think it's safe. A nice little bonus is how the movie pays homage to The Purge 1 with an interesting surprise cameo. Probably one of the best aspects of this movie is the different level, or class, of "Purgers" you encounter. The various motives and beliefs about how people feel about the Purge will be rather thought provoking. Last thing, Frank Grillo seems to be making his mark, and plays this role quite nicely.

The Bad: Just like in the previous film prepare to be utterly annoyed with the unrealistic stupidity from...and i hate to say it...the stereotypical female characters. You know the type. The females that conveniently trip ONLY when danger is about. The female characters that scream at the WORST possible times, or the ones that simply talk too much rather than actually doing something to deal the situation at hand. It can be maddening at some points in the film. There are some points in the movie that are just a tad bit predictable, but they're so minor it won't matter.

The Reason: After the previous Purge film, many people criticized it for being too focused only on one particular family. Well this time those criticisms have been addressed, and I think that this sequel delivered. I would definitely say that this is worth the watch in the theaters because it continues an already unique storyline. Even though it's not necessary to watch it for this movie, I'd still recommend watching the first Purge movie. (You'll miss the guest cameo if you haven't seen the previous film) If you're still hesitant on watching this after checking out the trailer, at least check it out as a matinee to save a few dollars. Stay safe everyone!

The Rating: 8/10

Friday, July 11, 2014

Dawn of the Planet of the Apes Movie Review (2014)

The Good: The plot and the storyline are solid for this film. It's very refreshing to see a movie that attempts to step outside of the main focus (human beings) and take a peek into another world (the apes). Within the plot you'll have plenty of interesting events that blur the lines of ape vs human issues. As you'll see in the trailer, there is a fair amount of action. The other nice highlight is the character development within the ape characters like Caesar. If you thought you enjoyed his "Nooooooo" then you'll probably be impressed with the type of ape he's become in this film too.

The Bad: The length may bother a few people only because there's probably an expectation that this film will be more action packed than it was portrayed in the trailer. (about 2 hrs) Also while the storyline is interesting, there are quite a few elements that are pretty predictable. You'll see them coming from a mile away. The 3D element is completely non-existent! Just don't bother with it!

The Reason: This movie was pretty straight forward. It's not really a movie about "war" as it's advertised, it's a movie about survival. It's a nice sequel that continues the story from the previous Rise of the Planet of Apes film. However, I do not think that it justifies the price of a FULL movie ticket to go see it. Because it's still a good movie to watch, I would recommend that you watch it as a matinee. DO NOT waste a penny on seeing it in 3D! Before you watch it, just understand that this movie is about 70% drama and only 30% action/suspense. So just temper your expectations.

The Rating: 7.5/10