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Monday, November 24, 2014

The Hunger Games: Mockingjay Movie Review

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The Good: Seems to be much more character development in this film for the majority of the characters. For instance, we get to see how Katniss (Jennifer Lawrence) gains a certain perspective and sense of responsibility for the war that is going on. Liam Hemsworth also seems to finally develop into a respectable character and not just the "forgotten boyfriend" as he was in the previous movies. It is also interesting how the film distinguishes, but yet blurs, the lines between the "rebels" and the "Evil Capitol" under President Snow's control. The entire tone of the movie seems to shift into more of a political drama/suspense rather than the action-like feel the previous movies had when Katniss was actually in the Hunger Games.

The Bad: Unfortunately this movie seemed to drag the same point for far too long. The point being that war sucks, you can't escape the politics, people die, and it's really depressing. It seemed rather disappointing that there wasn't a bit more action because the 3 major scenes of action were actually pretty entertaining to watch. For some reason, it also seemed like the movie should've ended about 5 mins earlier than it did. (You'll see what I'm talking about when they do a long fade to black towards the end)

The Reason: Without having read the books, it's hard to say whether this movie is headed in the right direction or not. It is, afterall, only part 1 of 2 films. So with that said, it's more than likely that those who will go see this movie will probably do so out of loyalty from watching the previous Hunger Games movies. I think that if you go in fully knowing that this movie will not give any real answers or conclusions, and that it will end with a semi-anti-climatic ending, then you will more than likely enjoy the film.

The Rating: 7/10 

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  1. I agree with your review, especially the last paragraph. I was expecting action and an interesting plot like we got in the 2nd movie. This was crap and i'm pissed I paid for my tickets....so pissed that I wont spend money on part 2!...they should have just combined part 1 and 2, but nooooooo, they have to be money hungry pigs....did i mention i was pissed?

    1. LOL So are you saying you're not happy with the movie? But yeah I totally hear you. The studios know that by splitting up the movies that it will force people to watch both movies. From what I hear, from those who read the books, the 2nd movie SHOULD be better...but we'll see. *shrugs*