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Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Dark Skies Review

The Good: Did a good job with presenting the aliens in a creepy way. Camera angles were done very well so that you couldn't see it coming if a "scary moment" was on the horizon or not.

The Bad: Story line wasn't that deep, and the twist ending didn't really pack much of a punch. Keri Russell for whatever reason constantly had close ups, and the only thing I could pay attention to was the bump on her lip. (Herpes? Cold Sore? Mole?) *shrugs* Either way, it was kind of distracting. Also the unbelievable doubt from the father will probably leave you frustrated. You know it all too well, all the obvious signs of trouble are flashing, and he'll just continue to believe "There's got to be another answer". Oh and that ending scene in the trailer, where the alien raises it's head up and all...NOT IN THE MOVIE. smh Must be in a deleted scene on the blue-ray or something.

The Reason: This movie will have the alien conspiracy enthusiasts to jump for joy. There's definitely more specific alien info presented here that goes way beyond little big head, wide eyed aliens that we are all accustomed to seeing. While this was a decent movie, it was far from great. The scare level was mild at best, and rather than having you jump out of your seat, you'll probably be saying "Whoah" rather than "AHHHHHHHHH!!!". You can rent this, but if you do go to the theater catch this as a matinee.

Rating: 6.5/10

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