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Friday, October 10, 2014

Dracula Untold Review (2014)

The Good: Unlike other movies that take way too long to develop background stories and characters, this movie doesn't waste any time getting straight to the point. Within the first 20 minutes you're already at the parts you've been waiting for. (Dracula's origin) It is nice to see a slightly different rendition of Dracula's story on the big screen, with a much more grounded sense to it. The introduction was actually very similar to that of 300, but with far less action. There are also some unique camera shots that do help the action scenes feel different and original. Luke Evans is believable and a nice actor. You'll probably only stay interested in the movie when he's on screen.

The Bad: Despite starting off on a good foot, it just seems as though this movie feels very flat. The action is just OK, and the plot really isn't that interesting. (Besides how he becomes a Vampire) The commercials/trailers for the movie may be to blame here as well. There's very little that's left in the film that hasn't already been seen in the trailer. (Watch at your own discretion) Plus Dracula's powers could've been expanded and utilized much more.

The Reason: If you were expecting a really cool vampire movie, you may have to wait for the potential sequel. It just seems like there was more that could've been done with the film.  This isn't a horrible movie at all. It's a download/rental type of movie, so don't feel bad if you didn't see it when it first premiered.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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