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Thursday, October 30, 2014

Repentance Movie Review (2014)

The Good: Forest Whitaker plays the "crazy" role fairly well.

The Bad: The writing, the directing, the acting, the story line, Anthony Mackie, Mike Epps's New Orleans accent, and so much more.

The Reason: This movie was an embarrassment to "black movies" and probably the reason why they get stereotyped in Hollywood as not being successful. It was almost like all of the actors in the movie had a meeting and agreed to collectively dumb down their acting skills. Sanaa Lathan disappointed because her character was flat and didn't really demand much acting talent. (Sanaa can and has done much better.) Anthony Mackie proves once again that he's not ready to carry a movie as the lead actor. He just simply over acts his parts. (See Crossover... no wait, don't go see that.) There are so many parts in this movie that simply don't make sense, or are so easily predictable, that you'll probably prefer to schedule root canal before watching this movie. I strongly suggest avoiding this movie, and if it comes up your Netflix recommendations, feel free to write a very angry letter to Netflix for polluting your queue with garbage.

The Rating: 4.5/10

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  1. Spot on E-Man! You summed it up perfectly-So surprised a talent like Forest was involved-I guess it paid a bill for him!