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Friday, October 3, 2014

Annabelle Movie Review (2014)

The Good: I've got to give it up to James Wan (who brought you the The Conjuring and Insidious) for being the master of horror. One of the best elements of this movie is how they can make you scare yourself. Without giving too much away, the things you THINK you should be scared of will be used against you. What you expect to happen, may or may not happen. Wan has mastered the ability to make certain scenes in the movie simply creep you out, and keep you in a state of suspense and high anticipation. (The Basement/Elevator scene will prove this) Lastly, the trailer is a bit misleading in regards to the real horror in the movie.

The Bad: Be prepared for the stereotypical reactions from most scary movies. You know the type. After all the creepy things start happening around them, it's not until it's way too late that they actually think to themselves "Hmmm, I don't think this is normal"...or "I may need some help with this". Oh and don't forget the random running away from the scary thing, random trips, screams, and so on. When you get beyond your mild annoyance with that, Alfre Woodard's character seemed entirely way too convenient. You'll understand her purpose at the end of the movie, but it just seemed like a bit of lazy writing with the way she just randomly fits into the movie.

The Reason: If you enjoyed watching the Conjuring or Insidious then consider this movie a minor step below. The Conjuring was much better, and this movie borrows a lot of the horror tactics from the Insidious movies. While this movie is a prequel to the Conjuring, it does a nice job of standing on it's own two feet. If you're looking for a nice horror film that will be filled with some "boo-ahhhh" moments, please check this out. I think this is theater worthy IF you're not afraid of scary movies...and a dirty doll. Oh and if possible, try NOT to watch the trailer. They give away some good parts that may have been scarier if you never saw the trailer.

The Rating: 8/10

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