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Friday, October 23, 2015

The Last Witch Hunter Movie Review 2015

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The Trailer:

The Good

As expected, Vin Diesel brings the strong, cool demeanor that we've come to know over the years. The film gets you started early with some magical action. This movie is chock full of special effects with all of the magic that is used from beginning to end. One thing that will keep you engaged is probably how the story is presented. We get to follow an interesting mystery that unravels at a reasonable pace. Best of all, there's a nice plot twist that was completely unexpected. Also, while this movie wasn't necessarily a horror film, there were some scenes that had the Queen Witch looking kind of scary.

The Bad:

There were a couple of moments where the the CG effects were just a tad bit over kill. Things would happen so fast, with so many lights flashing, that it was hard to make out what exactly was going on. Probably one of the most disappointing aspects of this film was the anticlimactic ending. For the entire duration of the movie, we're led to believe that the main enemy is so powerful and a threat to be feared. However, the final battle just felt rushed and was a little unsatisfactory. Matter of fact, the entire ending seemed under-developed. It seemed like the writers wanted to just finish the movie, which ended the film in a very convenient way.

The Reason

The best way I  could describe this movie would be to say that it's Blade + Constantine (except with witches.) There haven't been very many witchcraft or magic oriented movies for a while, since we've been stuck on vampires, zombies and paranormal activity ghosts. What you see in the trailer is exactly what you're going to get. Despite the so-so ending, it was still an enjoyable movie overall for the most part. I'd recommend seeing it in theaters for the matinee price and with low expectations.

The Rating: 7/10
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I was lucky enough to join renowned Chicago film critic Ian Simons on his podcast. You can Click here to listen to our discussion about The Last Witch Hunter. (WARNING: Podcast contains spoilers)
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