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Friday, October 9, 2015

99 Homes Movie Review 2015

The Trailer:

The Good

The best aspect about this film is the actual story itself. The director does a nice job of making sure that the sentiment and feelings of the housing market issues of 2008 are consistently centered upon, and how they affect the average homeowner on a personal level. This was probably Andrew Garfield's best performance that I can think of. He emits a lot of pure emotion that probably reflects a lot of the feelings involved with the subject matter of the story. Michael Shannon probably stole the show with his performance. Shannon was clearly the more interesting character with his morally ambiguous role. It was difficult at times to know whether you should hate, approve, or understand his character's motives.

The Bad

I know that I said this was Garfield's best performance, but take that with a huge grain of salt. Sadly, while Garfield probably would've gotten an A+ in his acting class, his performance didn't help make his character that believable. For instance, in the story he's portrayed as father to a young boy, but the entire time it's difficult to believe that he's a father at all due to his young appearance and playful demeanor. (No, his beard doesn't help his cause either) He comes off as an older brother more than anything else. I think the biggest problem I have is that Andrew Garfield wasn't playing "Dennis Nash", Andrew Garfield consistently played "Andrew Garfield". If you don't believe me, compare his performance in this film with his performance in the most recent Amazing Spider Man 2 movie. (You will probably see very little difference.) Lastly, there were a few holes in the story that also just seemed kind of weak, in my opinion. (ie: why certain people won't move out their house.)

The Reason

If you were to decide to watch this movie, you're going to do so for the story more so than anything else. It's an interesting and somewhat original story that dares to focus on the ugly side of real estate market. I think that the director or writer may have taken more time focusing on the central issue rather than fully developing the characters and their stories. Either way, this isn't a must watch in theaters, and you can probably just wait for it to be seen in the comfort of your own home. Again,
I think that if you want something with a slightly different story with some good acting (From Michael Shannon) then it's at least worth the watch at home.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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