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Friday, October 16, 2015

Crimson Peak Movie Review 2015

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The Trailer:

The Good

The visuals in this movie are beyond captivating. You're either going to be too afraid of the ghost(s) to look, or too intrigued by their unique designs to turn away. Director Guillermo del Toro is simply genius with his unique, artistic and beautiful portrayal of the ghosts. Tom Hiddleston does a really nice job in this film, but Jessica Chastain easily has the strongest performance. There are some really scary moments in the first half of the movie, and you can expect some creepy scenes that are similar to the movie Insidious.

The Bad:

A consistent flaw with del Toro's amazing visuals is that in the majority of his horror films (Mama, for example) he erases the sense of horror the closer you get to the end of the movie. He'll do a terrific job of introducing and subtly showing you the ghosts/monsters, but towards the end of the movie he'll show you entirely too much. By the time you see all of the ghost, it's just not as scary anymore, and there's nothing left to the imagination. This film was no exception. Matter of fact, the movie completely transforms into a different genre after the halfway point. It goes from horror to slasher-thriller. The downfall with this is that while you're no longer busy focusing on being afraid of the ghosts, you begin to pay more attention at all of the MANY plot holes in the story. There are a number of issues in the story that seem like convenient writing, or lack of creativity, just to hurry the movie along.

The Reason

If you're a fan of del Toro's work in projects like The Strain, Mama, or Pan's Labrynth, you'll be sure to notice that del Toro recycles a lot of the same things in this movies. (i.e.: long crooked fingers, fast moving monsters, moths, or even floating ghosts in the air) Despite the similarities, del Toro still never ceases to amaze you visually speaking. That in itself makes Crimson Peak worth the watch in the theaters. Actors are good, story is "meh", and the ghosts are really cool to look at. As I mentioned, the movie does go from horror to thriller, but the trailer sells this as if it's only a horror. So I'm just giving you the heads up now so you don't go in thinking it'll be a complete scary film. Matinee price is all that you'll need spend to watch this.

The Rating: 7.0/10 
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