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Friday, March 29, 2019

A Dog’s Way Home” Provides Viewers with a Heart-warming Journey
If you’ve ever tried to trek the Colorado wilderness, you already know it’s no easy feat. Nor is it easy on your “feet,” or in the case of this movie – a dog’s paws.  In fact, tramping over any type of rocky terrain proves to be a challenge. “A Dog’s Way Home” shows why a dog is truly man’s or woman’s best friend.
The recently released (January 2019) movie covers the journey of Bella, who goes in search of her master. She spans a distance of 400 miles over the wilds of Colorado, beginning her trip in Farmington, New Mexico. That is where her owner leaves her to stay with friends. You will have to watch the movie to learn the reason why.
Situated in the very northwest part of New Mexico, Farmington lies at the meeting point of the Animas, San Juan, and La Plata rivers, and is located on the Colorado Plateau. The rivers and mountainous terrain give Bella the noted distinction of being one remarkable mutt.

Don’t’ Watch the Trailer

If you don’t want to spoil the ending or learn more about the storyline, don’t watch the trailer. Reviewers have widely criticized the preview, as it clearly depicts the whole movie’s highlights, including the finale.
In fact, to keep you in suspense, don’t look at any previews. Just watch the video. Pop up some corn and gather the family in front of the LCD for a family movie night.

A Real-Life Rescue Dog

While both cats and dogs appear in this flick and are primary to the plot, the title, as you can see, does not reference a cat. However, cat lovers should not be offended, as this journey is really about Bella—a dog whose real name is Shelby in real life. Ironically, Shelby was once homeless herself. A former rescue dog, Shelby was“salvaged” from a Tennessee junkyard, where she previously lived.
This exclusive film makes movie-going or moving renting all the more rewarding. It’s nice to lie back and see a film with the family – one where you don’t have to cringe at what is said or fight the feeling of needing to flee.

One Kid-friendly Movie

As kids love to watch movie, likewise, any man definitely will love to log in TheBingoOnline.com    for entertainment. Not only do they get to see moose on the big screen, they also get to see bison. Both these ungulates live in the northern and western contiguous states, including Alaska and Canada.  
Also, of interest- while the film is based in Colorado, shooting of the movie took place in British Columbia, or the western province of Canada. Colorado cities featured in the plot include Gunnison, Durango, and Denver.

A Small Bit of Trivia

Ron Howard (the kid, Opie of Mayberry, on the old and beloved Andy Griffith Show), appears to have a small cameo—if not secretive—role in the film. You can see him get out of his car when Bella returns to Denver at the movie’s end.
Attempting to cross the street, the unwary canine causes a number of wrecks. That is when Howard makes his appearance. Also, of note - Howard’s daughter, Bryce Dallas Howard, plays the voice of Bella.

Home Is Where the Heart Is

Featured players include Ashley Judd, Edward James Olmos, and Jonah Hauer-King in the Charles Martin Smith directed film. This film provides the ultimate in family entertainment, and teaches all of us that home is where the heart is, regardless of the occupant.
If you have not seen “A Dog’s Way Home,” go out and rent or buy the video today. Again, don’t watch the trailer if you want to get your money’s worth. To fully enjoy the dog’s adventure, it is best not to know the plot.

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