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Friday, February 13, 2015

Kingsman: The Secret Service Movie Review

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The Good: This film wastes very little time to throw you into the thick of things. It's not the amount of action that gets you, it's more so the quality of it that will draw you in. Each fight scene is like a normal action scene, but on steroids. The high-speed camera shots were a nice touch, while not losing you completely with all of the chaos going on during the scenes. (The church scene is a perfect example.)  There's rarely a dull moment either. The plot had some interesting twists that you may not see coming. You'll probably also enjoy all of the characters as well. Taron Egerton looks like he's going to have a bright future in action films. Colin Firth, Michael Caine, and others all did a nice job as supporting characters. One of my favorites was Sofia Boutella who plays Gazelle, or as I'd like to call her, "Lady Tink-Tink". Every hero needs a good villain/henchman to fight, and she stepped up to the plate quite nicely.

The Bad: While the action is certainly off the charts, and a huge part of this movie, some people may not like how animated the film gets. The film is rated R (for good reason) however, rather than staying consistent to its rating it often times goes down a whacky, cartoonish route. Some may like it, but I think others will think it deters from the movie in some regards. Also, while it's not really a huge factor at all, some people may get lost with some of the english accents and vernacular. Again, it's not a big deal, but it could be slightly distracting for some.

The Reason: I absolutely loved this film. It was fun to watch, kind of funny, and engaging in a bunch of areas. If you didn't know, it is based on Mark Millar's comic book The Secret Service: Kingsman. If I had to give you an idea of what this film was like, you could think of it as Kick Ass + James Bond + Crank. I don't think many will regret watching this, and I think it's more than worthy of watching in the theaters. Do yourself a favor and check this out sooner rather than later.

The Rating:  9.0/10

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