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Friday, February 27, 2015

Focus Movie Review

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The Trailer: 

The Good: Will Smith reminds you quickly what makes you like him as an actor. His charm, wit, humor, are all on full display. Margot Robbie does a great job in her supporting role as well. Both her and Smith exhibit great onscreen chemistry together. What's great about the film is that you never really who's getting played or conned...including you the audience member. They are moments of comedic relief so it balances out the film nicely. Lastly, there are some twists and unexpected turns that will undoubtedly have you shocked.

The Bad: I think the main issue some may have about this film is that it's not what it's really portrayed to be by the trailers. You're given the impression that it's mainly a con-artist movie but it's a little bit more of a drama. While there are some cons and thievery throughout the film, there's more of a potential love story mixed in there as well. While that may not actually ruin the movie, it may go against most people's expectations.

The Reason: Finally! Will Smith rebounds from the not so great movie After Earth. From the very beginning I couldn't help but think that this movie was Hitch  starring in Ocean's Eleven. Take from that whatever you want, but overall this was very entertaining to watch. Unfortunately due to the twist ending, this is one of those types of films where you can probably only watch it one time. (Kind of like Now You See Me) I do recommend seeing this in theaters seeing as though I doubt anyone will leave after viewing with any regrets. Check it out.

The Rating: 8.5/10

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