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Friday, November 8, 2013

Thor 2: The Dark World Movie Review (2014)

The Good: Unlike the previous Thor movie, we're finally given a bit more depth into Thor's world of Asgard. The character development of Loki goes a little deeper and may change the audience's opinion of him. Rene Russo (Playing Thor's mother) was actually a bit surprising as a character, in a good way, with her supporting role. The enemies, which I'd like to call the JABAWOCKEEZ Elves, were kind of cool with the type of anti-matter weapons. One thing this sequel emphasized a bit more was the use of Thor's hammer and the damage it can cause. Also, in this sequel, you can tell that there are many more comic relief sequences that were inserted in the movie. Plenty of chuckles to go around.

The Bad: The action scenes seemed less "epic", despite the fact that you had more action scenes compared to the first movie. There was absolutely no reason to see this in 3D. Maybe to see some flying debris? O_o Even though this time around we see more character development in the main characters, most of the storyline is kind of predictable. Don't expect that many twists and turns...well maybe one, but that's it.

The Reason: I think this movie will obviously do well due to the success of the Avengers movies, but this movie may calm down the hype just a tad. I think that most viewers who enjoyed the first Thor, will also enjoy Thor 2, but just don't expect the movie to blow you away. It's a good watch, but honestly I think that many people can wait to see this later. If you must watch it, just don't pay extra for the 3D version. Oh and there are TWO after credit, and after-after credit bonus scenes. The first one is more than likely a set up for Guardians of the Galaxy (comic fans will probably appreciate that scene more) and the second one is just a little add on scene just because. Marvel fans, go see this...casual movie fans, wait for the rental.

The Rating: 7.5/10

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