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Saturday, November 16, 2013

The Best Man Holiday Movie Review (2014)

The Good: The writing for this movie is genuine, believable and extremely well developed. Along with that, the character development was exceptional. Each character is given just enough time to give us a deeper look with their individual stories. There was nothing that was over the top or eccentric. (Tyler Perry PLEASE take notes)

The acting from every single actor was off the charts. Every character will have you feel some type of way. Even though I can't note every single actor, I will say that Terrance Howard was excellent comic relief. Rarely, if ever at all, could you sense that someone was "acting". The director does an equally amazing job with smooth transitional fades all the way to close-up shots that capture the raw emotion throughout the movie. You almost feel as if you're part of the family or friends.

The biggest testament I can give to this movie is that it completely broke the stereotypical stigma attached to "black movies". (Movies with predominantly black casts) That stigma usually would involve corny jokes, poor acting, and plot twists that you can see coming from a mile away. In this film, it doesn't matter what you see coming because it'll still hit you emotionally one way or another. You won't find that quality in very many films nowadays.

The Bad: N/A

The Reason: Probably one of the best descriptions I could give this movie is "REAL". This is one of the few movies that I had absolutely no control over my emotions. When the director wants you to laugh, you will, and if they want you to cry, you may just fight back a few tears. The authentic relationships that have been portrayed and developed help drive this movie from beginning to end. Even though it wouldn't hurt, you don't need to re-watch the original because they recap enough of it for you. This is the type of movie you should run to go see, get the dvd, and go watch it again 3-5 years from now. You've probably heard rave reviews about this movie already, and I'm here to say they're all justified. If anyone else tells you differently you point them to this page, and I'll set them straight. lol

The Rating: 10/10

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