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Sunday, December 9, 2018

Review: Spider-Man Into The Spider-Verse is Dope, Fresh, Fun!

The Trailer:


 The Good:
Let's start off by talking about the animation in this movie. It's a pretty slick 3D-like style that almost has the movement of old school claymation. Despite not being the most traditional style of animation many people may be accustomed to, it definitely works exceptionally well for the movie. This animation helps accentuate different aspects to the movie from a visual standpoint. More specifically, the movie flows in and out of different kinds of animation styles but in a very subtle way. What I appreciated the most was how at different times the film would just turn into a motion comic book. Adding the literal comic book elements really helps to add that unique touch that comic book readers are very familiar with.

As a matter of fact, the animation serves to be more of a practical method for this film to deliver some heavy concepts. If this weren't cartoonized, it would be really hard to imagine some of the more sci-fi elements this film working in a live action setting. So rather than having to watch a live actors in a movie full of crazy CGI, it becomes a lot easier for the audiences to buy into more psychedelic special effects that this film has to offer. Plus, it definitely compliments the more comic-centric, sci-concepts that are explored too.

Another surprising win for this movie was the exciting action sequences that it displayed. If you happened to see the post credit scene in "Venom", then you'll already know what I'm referring to. If you haven't, then just be ready to fasten the seat belts for your eyeballs, because the incredibly fast paced chase scenes will definitely take you for a ride. They were so good that during some scenes you may actually feel the intensity rise up within yourself as the suspense builds in some the really thrilling moments of the film.

As for drama, this movie does have its fair share of the feels too. As a comic book fan, I really appreciated how this Spider-Man film was able to tap into the core elements that make the Spider-Man character so rich and deep. Even if you happen to know the outcome of certain situations for some characters, it won't matter. It doesn't take much to feel the pain, loss, and other emotions of the characters as they endure various challenges.

Thankfully this movie isn't a total downer. That's because it is so incredibly funny. I suppose that's is to be expected given the fact that Lord and Miller (22 Jump Street and The Lego Movie) had a hand in making this film. If you're a fan of the past Spider-Man movies, then get ready to laugh your butt off as this film pokes fun at the franchise, and drops a number of funny callback references. Don't laugh too hard though, because you may miss out on some things. Even the lyrics to the credits are pretty funny.

The soundtrack throughout the movie is simply perfect.  The music transitions seamlessly at different moments to amplify the setting or mood during scenes. Better yet, every song sounds like something that Miles Morales would listen to. As a result, both the music the main character become a bit more relatable. 

Besides having the comedy, drama and action, the overall cast is definitely the backbone for this film. Shameik Moore was perfectly cast as Miles Morales and Jake Johnson was an ideal fit for the version of Peter Parker that he portrays. I think the potential fan favorites, that literally got me to laugh out loud, will come from from Nicolas Cage's and and John Mulaney's Spider-Man characters.
Cameos are great and fun. Nice surprises if you don't watch the trailers and go in cold.
Supporting cast is really solid. Nick cage and the pig are hilarious.

The Bad:
The only issue that came to mind actually stemmed from the same animation that I praised earlier. While it is vibrant and colorful, there's a bit of blurriness that occurs throughout the movie. The best way to describe it would be like if you had ever walked into a 3D movie, and forgot to put on your 3D glasses. I think this blurriness was done intentionally, even though it does maintain the main character on screen to be in full focus. Either way, it was just a bit  distracting at times. 

Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is hands down the best Spider-man movie we have to date. I heard people mention that before going into my screening, and in my mind I was like "No way this could top Spider-Man 2". However, I think it did. Spider-Man: Inter the Spider-Verse just does so many things well that it's incredibly hard to deny it's awesomeness.

I'm so happy that this movie represented Miles Morales in an authentic and positive way. I think this film helped his character live up to be positive, diverse representation that he was created to be. This movie has everything a Spider-Man movie should have, it will only leave you wanting to see more. I suppose Sony knew that going in because even before the movie's release, they already greenlit the sequel. (Which at this point I cannot wait to see!)

So if you're a Spider-Man fan, comic book reader, or just interested in seeing a great coming of age story for a hero, then Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse is definitely the movie you'll want to see. This is nothing short of a must-watch in theaters. Also, be sure to stay until the very end for a fun post-credit scene.

Rating: 8.5/10

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