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Saturday, August 5, 2017

Atomic Blonde Movie Review

The Trailer:

The Good:
I think from the very beginning, it's apparent that you're going to be seeing a fresh and vibrant film with an 80's vibe to it. The look and feel of the movie tie-in perfectly given the time and setting that takes place.

Charlize Theron deserves a lot of credit in this action-packed role. One thing that I enjoyed about her character was that she was ruthless and efficient, but at the same time she showed signs of vulnerability. She wasn't some stone cold killer that was invincible.

Speaking of which, major props go to Charlize for obviously putting in a lot of time and dedication towards the training for this film. She was amazing in her fight scenes. You can definitely tell that it's Charlize throwing the punches and kicks in the film all thanks to how the director shot the scenes.

One of the most standout scenes in the film is a major fight and chase sequence towards the final act of the movie. Director David Leitch does an outstanding job of capturing this very long sequence of non-stop fighting and car chases. What made it so great was the fact that most, if not all, were captured in long continuous takes. That means there's little to no room for stunt doubles to come in or out. It's all the actors doing the crazy stunts. (At least that's how it appeared to be anyway.)

The Bad:
The only real issue I had with this film was the story wasn't very interesting. While this typically isn't always the case for most action films anyway, this movie didn't really feel like the usual action film either. It was a mix of espionage, mystery and intense action. However, the espionage aspect seemed to fall a bit short. (Maybe the time and setting of the Cold War didn't resonate with me due to my own ignorance of the time and events.)

There are some big twists that really don't feel that surprising; or better yet, they're kind of predictable. Then when you discover some of the other reveals later in the film, it almost felt a bit forced and underwhelming. I suppose it felt like they just did a "gotcha" type of reveal just for the sake of doing it. The mystery that is supposed to be unraveled in the film just feels like it takes a back seat to everything else happening.

The Reason:
Atomic Blonde was a decent film that is carried by an awesome 20 minute action packed sequence. Charlize Theron kicks butt in more ways than one, and proves that women certainly can carry these types of films with no problem. It's certainly worth the watch but I'd probably say more so as a matinee. If you waited to watch it at home, you may feel like you'd get a better payoff at the end of the day.

The Rating: 7/10
My [Loosely based] Ratings scale
10-9 = A Must watch at any cost. 
8.5- 7.5 = Theater worthy 
7-6.5 = Matinee/rental worthy at best
6 = Watchable (If it's free)
5 - below = Avoid at all costs

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