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Sunday, December 25, 2016

Collateral Beauty Movie Review

The Trailer:

The Good:
It goes without saying that you're in store for a classic, teary-eyed Will Smith performance. At this point it's kind of difficult to determine if he can get any better than he already is. While Smith is portrayed as the main character, this film was more so an ensemble. Kate Winslet, Ed Norton and Michael Peña were all at their best.

One of the main highlights of this film is the dramatic and philosophical ideas about love, time, and death. The film does give a unique perspective to the grieving process that most people may not be familiar with. Beyond that, depending on how much you paid attention to the trailer, there is an interesting twist or two that is a welcomed surprise.

While it's not really necessary, one interesting thing to consider would be to actually watch the film for a second time. There were some key details that contribute to the mystery and twist of the film that may only be noticed upon a second viewing.

The Bad:
As I alluded to earlier, the trailers for this film may be a little misleading. Obviously I won't give it away, but the trailer had me thinking that this was going to go a certain direction. Then 20 mins into the film, it goes in another. Then it just felt like other twists were just randomly thrown into the movie unnecessarily. Again, this was the expectation shaped by the marketing of the film more so than the film itself being at fault.

The Reason:
I think the best way to go into this film is to go in as cold as possible. Don't read or watch anything about it. At least that way you won't be thrown in various directions the way I was. I'd probably say that this would also be a decent film to watch with a friend (or date?) only because there will be a number of conversation pieces to discuss. (That is, if you're into having deep, thoughtful conversations.) I think this may be a matinee film at best.

I got a chance to rewatch this movie and I must say that it's actually a lot better the second time around. You get a chance to appreciate more things that were missed and setup throughout the movie. If you're like me, you may even pay more attention to the interactions of the characters and whether certain things really did appear as they initially seemed or not.

The Rating: 6.5/10
My [Loosely based] Ratings scale
10-9 = A Must watch at any cost. 
8.5- 7.5 = Theater worthy 
7-6.5 = Matinee/rental worthy at best
6 = Watchable (If it's free)
5 - below = Avoid at all costs

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