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Friday, January 1, 2016

The Hateful 8 Movie Review

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The Trailer:

The Good:
Director Quentin Tarantino continues to deliver exactly what you would come to expect from a film by him. There are some excessively gory, bloody, and over the top scenes that will definitely have you going "WTF?!?". The plot is probably the best highlight of this movie. The level of mystery is such that it's almost impossible to guess the surprise twists and turns. It may be fair to say that Samuel L. Jackson is in classic form, and doesn't disappoint. He had some of the funnier highlights in the film.

The Bad:
Unfortunately this movie is almost 3 hours long. (It does include a 12 min intermission though if you watch it in theaters) The 3 hours isn't the problem though. The problem is that it takes about 1.5 hours for the movie to get interesting. The first 3 chapters of the movie is spent delivering a lot of dialogue between the characters, with some backstory as well. Some of the dialogue may cause people to lose some interest until the movie picks up the pace later on.

Oh and if you're familiar with Tarantino's work, you already know it's far from being politically correct. There are probably just as many "N-Words" dropped in this film as there were "F-bombs" said in The Departed. Unlike in Django (My Django review), that involved slavery and racism, this time around it just felt unnecessary and it became a distraction. (If it helps, Tarantino equally includes derogatory terms and actions towards women, Hispanics and white supremacists....so equal opportunities for all)

The Reason

The best way to describe this movie is to think of it as a classic western film meets Clue. You're primarily going to be invested into this film based on its mystery and ending. The film is going to be released in 70MM format in theaters, but I don't think that you have to feel pressured in going to see it. If you have time to go out, then I don't think it will disappoint if you saw it in theaters. Tarantino fans will appreciate this film, but, even as a Tarantino fan myself, I don't think this will go down as one of his best films. It's still good and worth checking out in theaters or just as a watch at home when it becomes available. If you're not into dialoge heavy films then you may want to think again about seeing this film. However, if you are a Tarantino fan, this is an automatic watch regardless of what anyone says.

The Rating: 8/10

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