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Friday, September 18, 2015

The Perfect Guy Movie Review (2015)

The Trailer:

The Good:

You get exactly what you expect from the trailers. Michael Ealy does a pretty good job of playing the psycho stalker in this role. There were some moments of high suspense throughout as we are shown just how crazy Ealy's character really was. For the most part, his character was the most interesting. Sanaa Lathan also did a nice job of playing a relatable character who I think many women could probably identify with her situation. (You know, having a guy be one way the first day, then become something completely different the next. Ignore the crazy stalking stuff.) One thing that was enjoyable, was the small subtle twist in the relationship between Ealy and Lathan's characters towards the end of the movie.

The Bad

The story is ridiculously easy to predict. There's very little room to be surprised with the majority, if not all, of the movie.

The Reason

The Perfect Guy is probably exactly what you think it is. There's nothing flashy or special about it. I think you could easily compare this to movies like  No Good Deed and The Boy Next Door. (Click those links to see my past reviews) You know exactly what's going to happen. The thing is, you're coming into this movie to see just how crazy does Ealy's character go, and how does Lathan's character react. Oh, and I suppose some of you ladies may be interested in Morris Chestnut taking his shirt off. (That's pretty much the majority of his contribution to this movie) Despite the fact that this movie entirely predictable, it was still actually enjoyable to watch. You already know, based off the trailer, if you would be interested in this movie. So rather than me recommending you to see it or not, I'd say go off the trailer. It's not a horrible movie, in my opinion, and it's an okay "date night matinee" (or Redbox) flick for me.

The Rating: 7/10

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