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Friday, August 21, 2015

Sinister 2 Movie Review (2015)


The Good:

The film picks up pretty close to where the previous film left off. So the story does expand a bit and introduces some more insight on the evil character of "Bagul" and the children he encounters. There are a lot of references to the previous Sinister film, so it would be somewhat helpful to watch it before watching this sequel. The church scene is probably one of the creepiest/scariest moments in the entire film. Surprisingly, one of the best performances came from the unlikely character of "Clint Collins" played by Lea Coco.  He was extremely convincing in his role as the father to the children in the film.

The Bad

The film stopped being a horror and turned more so into a thriller. Rather than focus on scaring you with Bagul, the film relies on what I could only call "Torture Horror". You'll notice the "Torture Horror" in the many instances when we're shown a number of home videos showing children gruesomely murdering their families in various ways. (If you have a fear of rats, be forewarned now) At times, it gave off a vibe similar to the movie Hostel.

One of the biggest annoyances to me was the focus on the children. The children are focused on like 70% of the movie. Even worse, there's never an explanation as to how exactly one child is able to subdue their entire family. Let alone, how a child is able to physically set up some of the elaborate murder scenes. The ending "chase" scene was probably one of the most unrealistic scenes I've seen in a horror film in a while. Think to yourself, if Chucky, the killer doll, were chasing you with a knife, would you really be afraid and run in terror? (You'll know the scene I'm referring to when you see it.)

The Reason

You come into this film looking to be scared, and you simply don't get that at all. Unless you have a phobia for rats, this film simply won't scare you outside of the one or two cheap jump-scares that are thrown in. The previous Sinister, at least, kept to the traditional formula for horror, but this one almost felt like a different type of movie. I just don't see how seeing people die on video is supposed to be scary. It's not scary, just disturbing. I think you can definitely wait on this to come out and watch it at home...for free.

The Rating
: 6/10

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