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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Ant-Man (2015) Movie Review

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The Good

From beginning to end, the humor and comedic element probably stands out the most for this movie. There were constant chuckle worthy moments, and a few laugh out loud moments that make this movie "Funny" but not "Hysterical". Best of all, none of the humor seemed forced in any way, and all seemed to just flow seamlessly throughout the film. Unlike in the comics, there's an an interesting twist with Michael Douglas's character, Hank Pym, that fits well with Marvel's other properties.  It's also easy to relate to Paul Rudd's character (Scott Lang/Ant-Man) due to his wit and charisma. It's probably fair to say that Michael Peña comes very close to stealing the show with all of his funny scenes. The action scenes were nicely done and there is a surprise scene that I cannot describe without spoiling it, but it was a nice addition for the sake of continuity based off of Marvel's previous film. (Update: Marvel has ruined the surprise. Click Here if you don't mind the spoiler.) A final interesting tidbit is the CGI that's used in the film is remarkable. If you can't notice or tell what I'm talking about when you watch the film, then that's a testament to how good the CGI was implemented.

The Bad

Majority of the film is very predictable and done in a pretty standard cookie cutter fashion. They drop so many obvious hints and foreshadowing that the main plot is pretty much laid out before it plays out. While Paul Rudd does a good job overall, this role is not much a stretch for him. If you're not a fan of Rudd's previous performances or his comedic style (This is 40, Knocked Up) then you may be disappointed yet again. The 3D element was a fail. There were some good opportunities to really make the 3D effects stand out, but you can't help but get the feeling that Marvel simply didn't want to put any more money into special effect in those scenes. Maybe it's just me, but I was a bit taken back at the amount of cursing that was in the film. There were a lot of "S" bombs dropped and it just didn't seem like Marvel/Disney's style with such a potential kid-friendly superhero character.

The Reason:

The main question many of you will have is "Was this better than Avengers Age of Ultron"? To that, I will say...wrong comparison. Avengers Age of Ultron was a different type of movie; it was a "superhero movie" with super heroes starring in it. Ant-Man is a "heist movie" that just so happens to star a super hero in it. This is similar to Captain America 2: Winter Soldier being a "spy conspiracy movie" that happened to star a super hero. So it's difficult to compare the two films head to head. The closest comparison would be to Guardians of the Galaxy because, along with Ant-Man, it was a film about some relatively unknown characters. I'd say this movie can be considered a success primarily due to making an unknown character interesting enough that they can become fan favorites in futures movies. To sum up the overall impression of this film, I'd say it's funny, entertaining, good, but not epic. It's well worth the watch in theaters, and even on DVD or download when it becomes available. Feel free to skip the IMAX or 3D versions of this film in theaters and save some money. Oh and don't forget, there are two end-credit scenes. One is in the middle of the credits, and the other is all the way after the credits.

The Rating: 8/10

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