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Friday, April 17, 2015

Unfriended Movie Review

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The Trailer: 

The Good: This was a refreshing new twist for the horror genre. Maybe we can call it, "Cyber-Horror". The first-person camera view that we're given is pretty creative and unique. The use of social media, popular websites, videos, and other programs like Skype, will instantly connect with the younger generation that has grown up with technology all around them. The best part about this film is that the characters actually go through many of the same steps you or I would take if we were in their situation. Surprisingly enough, even though the film's intent is to scare you, it doesn't really take itself too seriously. In other words, there will be points where you may be creeped out, but don't be surprised if you find yourself actually doing more laughing than jumping out of your seat.

The Bad: Get ready for a lot of cheap pop-up scares, mainly composed of loud sounds after a moment of silence. Actually, you don't really get scared. Rather, you get startled a lot. (I doubt this movie will leave you with having nightmares) The acting isn't going to get anyone nominated for any awards, so you can already toss that out of the window. Some of the scares are pretty predictable. I mean you literally know when they are coming and you just have to decide whether you want to keep your eyes open or not to see it happen.

The Reason: Do you remember the Blair Witch Project movie? Remember all of the hype around it? It wasn't because it was such a classic movie, it was because it was one of the first of its kind to show a different type of horror. That's what you're going to get here. This movie may not be the best in many areas, but it does do something interesting by ushering in a different way to scare people. Don't be the least bit surprised to see this formula used in future movies. (Hopefully with better acting and plots.) I think you'll also notice that this film will probably appeal more so to the younger generation more than anything. I wouldn't be surprised if anyone over the age of 30 hates this. Now, is this worth the look in the theaters? MAYBE. Matinee at best, and preferably with a date or some friends. Reason being is that you'll have plenty to talk and joke about during the film. "The Rating" may be generous, but it's only getting bonus points due to its originality.

The Rating: 7.0/10

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