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Thursday, March 26, 2015

The Gunman Movie Review

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The Good: Sean Penn definitely committed himself to the gym lately and it helps since he's in a lot of fight scenes in this film. The action and fight scenes overall were decent, and the there's a mild plot twist at the end.

The Bad: While this movie attempts to be an action movie, it really seems to try too hard at making a boring plot seem interesting. The plot twists didn't seem mind blowing on any level, and the journey Penn's character takes to get to the bottom of the mystery seemed even more uninteresting. Again, the action was okay, but the story lacked a lot. Oh, and if you're looking for solid performances from Idris Elba, don't be fooled. He's barely in the movie.

The Reason: While this was brought to you from the same people who brought you Taken, this definitely falls short in comparison. It will be your call on whether it's good or bad, but I found it a little distracting that Sean Penn took almost every single opportunity that he could to be on camera with either his shirt off, or muscles flexing in some snug shirt. I think that this movie doesn't even really fit the typical action film genre, because usually you can just turn your brain off and watch things go boom. Instead you're almost forced to try and care about not only the mystery going on, but the potential political humanitarian messages constantly put forth. If you're bored, you can rent this or watch it at home. Save your money for a more worthwhile movie in the theaters.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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