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Monday, August 12, 2013

We're The Millers Movie Review (2013)

The Good: Jason Sudeikis does a decent job carrying the movie. His quick banter is humorous and he comes off as the sarcastic wiseguy that you're probably friends with. His back and forth with Jennifer Aniston flows well and the chemistry seems ok. Will Poulter, as Kenny, is actually pretty funny, unintentionally. His TLC waterfalls scene, and the Spider scene were pretty memorable. Though the story line wasn't that deep, it was actually very refreshing to see how this zany group of people, smuggling drugs across the border, were still able to address actual family issues in a comedic way. The ending credit outtakes were really funny, and definitely worth the watch.

The Bad: That chemistry I mentioned between Sudeikis and Aniston kind of gets a little played. After a while it's just a bunch of "F*** you", "No, F*** you!", and it loses it's punch by the middle of the movie. (I mean you get it, they don't like each other) Some of the jokes could be seen coming a mile away. (Kissing lesson) Oh and the touted Jennifer Aniston stripper scene is just what you see in the trailer. Hope you weren't expecting her to do any handstands or splits. (Not that I'd know if strippers did that sort of thing)

The Reason: Comedy is a very difficult thing to critique because obviously everyone has their own preferences and sense of humor. With that in mind, I usually gauge the audience in the theater for my barometer of comedic value. Let's use this scale: Not Funny, Chuckle-Worthy, Funny, Hilarious, and Gut Buster. This movie was funny. There was a consistent stream of funny moments, and maybe 2-3 moments of "in your face" shocking moments. The jokes on screen made people Lol, however once the joke was done, so were the laughs. When a movie has an incredibly funny moment, people usually will laugh so hard, and for so long, that they'll continue laughing even after the joke is complete. That didn't happen in this film. This movie was funny and entertaining, but doesn't meet the criteria of being a "hilarious" nor "classic comedy". Good rental, and if you decide to see this based off the trailer, do so as a matinee.

The Rating: 7/10

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