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Friday, July 26, 2013

The Wolverine Movie Review (2013)

The Good: Unlike in X-Men Origins: Wolverine, we finally get a rich, deep sense of the struggles of the WOLVERINE character. The character development, for him alone, really separates the Wolverine character/movie away from the traditional comic book hero movies we've been seeing lately. Hugh Jackman has earned the role of Wolverine just as much as Robert Downey Jr has solidified the role of Iron Man. He makes you empathize with Wolverine's suffering so that you can finally understand the man behind the claws. There's a big twist that most people won't see coming towards the end, and it'll leave you semi-shocked.

The Bad: A lot of the supporting characters seem to be just thrown into the story without much depth to them. For example, that snake lady you see in the trailers, she raises way more questions than answers. While you really want the action to reach it's potential level, it never gets there due to the movie's rating. The movie feels like it was originally rated R, but then watered down to being only PG-13. That kind of leaves the audience in a type of limbo, so to speak, because you'll see really violent fights...with tiny amounts of blood. Another instance of that limbo would be the fact that even though it's PG-13, Wolverine swears like he's in a R-rated film. The action scenes only happen in a few pockets throughout the scene. Seeing that it's 2hrs long, one's expectation that this will be an action packed movie may not be met. Finally, the movie's ending falls flat as the highly anticipated fight scene leaves you with a big surprise, but mild action at best.

The Reason: Bottom line is that this movie was better than any of the previous movies that the Wolverine has appeared in. It's not an action packed, comic book movie. It's more of an actual movie that happens to feature a comic book hero. Parents may need to be advised though, because the PG-13 rating does seem very misleading due to the intense violence and the adult language used. Do not bother watching this in 3D because you'll only see one or two scenes that have it, and it won't be worth it.  Even though the movie's ending seemed lackluster, the mid-ending credit scene more than makes up for it. So please don't walk out too soon. Go see this movie. Good theater watch, EXCELLENT rental.

The Rating: 7.5/10

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