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Saturday, January 18, 2014

Ride Along Movie Review (2014)

The Good: Kevin Hart delivers exactly what you would expect. Funny, and not so over the top comedy, from beginning to end. There's a lot of subtle humor that you may not catch because you were too busy laughing at the bigger joke. (I'm still laughing at Kevin's 360 slap...did you catch it?) What you see is what you get. I've gotta hand it to Ice Cube, he knows how to play his role and stay in character no matter what. Even if that character is the same, hardcore, old school, original gangsta in almost every movie he stars in. Lol Surprisingly enough, the action in this film was not half bad at all. Oh and there's a nice little surprise cameo towards the end of the movie as well.

The Bad: Well as we all know, this movie is a comedy so don't expect a compelling plot. The big twist really isn't that big, and overall plot is pretty simple. (But who goes to comedies for good storylines in the first place right?) I think the biggest fault for this film, and unfortunately many other comedies, is the advertising trailers for it. You guessed it, a lot of the funnier jokes are already shown in the trailer. This movie would've been 10x funnier if they had never shown that gun practice seen when Kevin fired the shotgun.

The Reason: The very first thing to consider here is the fact that comedy is subjective. It's all about what you like. Being a fan of Kevin Hart, this movie was enjoyable and funny. If you're not a Kevin Hart fan, I'd say stay away from this because this is the similar type of comedy from Grown Little Man, and Seriously Funny. His pairing with Ice Cube is a good one. This revived the buddy cop movies, in my opinion. There's a quick bonus scene during the credits, but nothing else after that, in case you were wondering. I'd say this would be a good watch during the weekend if you have nothing else to do, or if you really enjoyed the trailer.

The Rating: 7/10

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