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Monday, March 17, 2014

Need For Speed Movie Review

The Good: You've gotta love the cars. The car chases and racing were probably the best highlights of the movie. Gamers will appreciate the various 1st person, driver views just like they have in the actual game this movie was adapted from.

The Bad: Right off the bat, you can tell that the storyline is pretty basic and predictable. The acting was pretty cheesy and the comic relief was forcibly chuckle-worthy at most. Outside of Aaron Paul (Jessie from Breaking Bad), you probably won't really care too much about the characters. The 3D visuals were practically non-existent and seemed like a complete false advertisement.

The Reason: This movie was made primarily for two people: Car fanatics, and hardcore video gamers who loved the Need for Speed series. Outside of that, I don't believe that the average movie goers will really appreciate what the film was trying to do. All the car models and spec references may just fly over your head except for "Yeah, this car goes really fast", or "There are only 3 made in the world." Unfortunately this did end up being a Fast & Furious minus the star power, and the budget for better special effects. I do not recommend seeing this movie unless if you fall into one of the two categories I previously mentioned. Do NOT waste your money on seeing this in the theaters nor should you dare pay for it in 3D. This is a rental at best.

The Rating: 6/10

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