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Monday, October 7, 2013

Gravity Movie Review (2014)

The Good: The visuals for this movie are top notch. The 3D is masterfully intertwined with some first person cinematography that helps you really feel like you're in the character's shoes. The suspense of this movie is probably its biggest highlight. The fear of being lost in space, with little to no help, is a scary thought that is vividly portrayed by the director.

The Bad: The story-line is pretty weak. What you see in the trailer is exactly as deep as this movie goes in terms of the plot. The character development was also a bit disappointing. It's kind of difficult to really connect with either character Sandra Bullock's character outside of the one liners that give you maybe a shred of information about who she is as a person. Also some people may find Sandra's constant yelling, which is prominent throughout the movie, to be rather annoying.

The Reason: You can probably think of this movie as Tom Hanks' "Castaway" except a little more suspenseful and in space. Due to the nice visuals, it may be kind of hard to really appreciate this movie if you watched it at home, and not in 3D. However, due to the other faults of this movie (weak plot, character development, etc) it's a bit of a stretch to say this is a must see in the theaters as well. I'll put it to you like this: If you are captivated by the trailer, then do not expect much more beyond that. You will get it exactly as advertised. I will say though, to go see this movie as a matinee (or the "Dollar Theater/Show") and just save some money in the process.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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