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Saturday, April 13, 2013

42 Movie Review (2013)

The Good: The emotion is STRONG from beginning to end. The emotional force brought forth by a stellar cast draws forth an emotional intensity similar (but not the same as) The Passion Of The Christ. You will feel the racism of the time. You will feel the embarrassment, the ridicule, the love and the suffering. Surprisingly enough, you'll probably also enjoy some of the comic relief in various parts of the movie. Harrison Ford ALMOST steals and takes over the movie (as Brooklyn Dodgers owner Branch Rickey), very similar to the way Christoph Waltz did in Django Unchained. Chadwick Boseman (who plays Robinson) DELIVERS! (That bat breaking scene...AWESOME and REAL!) The rest of the supporting cast ALL do an excellent job as well. You may even hate that particular "baseball manager" that stands out. (You'll know him when you see him)

The Bad: It's hard to say if this is bad or not, but this movie does get portrayed to be the "Jackie Robinson Story". However, as I mentioned Harrison Ford's character Branch Rickey is almost presented as a co-star rather than a supporting role. Again, while this may not be what many expected, and while it was a risk showing something people didn't expect...I believe it paid off. But I could understand how some people may think otherwise.

The Reason: I'll say this, if you've never watched baseball, or never seen it, this movie can definitely make you a fan. Unlike Django Unchained, the racism deliberately presented is not over the top, but comes off as very authentic. If you never knew a thing about Jackie Robinson, or if you never saw the 1950 original film, then you MUST watch this. Even if you saw the past films, or read the autobiography, you should still go see this. This is a GREAT addition for anyone's collection.

The Rating: 10/10

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