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Thursday, June 12, 2014

3 Days To Kill Movie Review (2014)

The Good: Some of the action scenes were actually enjoyable. Who knew Kevin Michael Costner could still be a believable assassin. He's effective in his craft of killing, despite his older age in the movie. The ending also had a nice little twist that you may enjoy.

The Bad: The story isn't as completely as advertised. You're sold on the idea that this movie is an action flick, but it's not really that. It's more like 40% action and 60% drama. You'd think this was a story about a killer having to do extreme things under a deadline, but instead it's more of a drama that you'd probably see on Lifetime. Also the character development is kind of weak with various characters. For example a Amber Heard's character will mysteriously pop up, with no real motive, and then mysterious disappear later. (Update: apparently depending on what version of this movie you get, more information about her is shown.) To top it all off, this movie is LONG. It spends so much time trying to develop the non-action parts of the movie that it just begins to bore.

The Reason: I'm glad this isn't in the theaters anymore, because I'd definitely advise against paying money to see it. However, I think that this would be an ok rental IF you understand the fact that this is NOT the pure action film it's portrayed to be in the trailer. It's not terrible, but let's just say that if you can get it for free, or it happens to come up on Redbox or Netflix then maybe it will be worth your time.

The Rating: 6.5/10

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