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Friday, June 14, 2013

Man of Steel Movie Review (2013)

The Good:
The character development goes much deeper than any other Superman film to date. His background, his alien family history, and what makes Superman who he is, is done in a nice thoughtful way. (Similarly to how Batman: The Dark Knight's story was told except with a different directorial vision) The action stays true to what you'd expect from a comic book filled with super powered individuals. (Crazy destruction) The moral decisions that Superman (Spoiler, aka Clark Kent) has to face really strips away from the "Boy scout" image the character has had for so long. He's much more realistic, given the "alien circumstances" that is. Russel Crowe and Kevin Costner both played wonderful father figures. Henry Cavill really does look, talk and act like a genuine Superman (chiseled chin, hair, and all)

The Bad: 
While a lot of the super powered action stays true to the comic world, some of it went by so fast it was a bit hard to follow at times. The directors take a slight deviation from the traditional origin story of Superman and his relationship with Lois, so that choice may be hit or miss for some viewers. Some may notice it, or not, but there are MANY constant and deliberate references to Superman being like Jesus. (most blatantly in the church scene) The only reason this is considered as a bad is because subtle hints are one thing, but they really poured it on. Also there are a few secret hints in the movie, that unless you did some research prior, you'll completely miss. (ie: the hint of Batman related stuff in the movie)

Beyond that, I don't think that this version of Superman is really fully developed. His character and motivations never really seem to grow. He constantly seems at a cross roads and even when he does finally take action it still seems muddled.

The Why: 
Bottom line, I believe this movie would've made Christopher Reeves proud. After the last horrendous Superman Returns theater BOMB, I think this will definitely bring Superman back into the good graces of the public. (btw: the sequel is already officially confirmed to be made) This movie is about 2.5 hours long, so I wouldn't recommend watching it late at night. It's not fast paced so if you're getting tired, you'll miss some things, and it may ruin the movie experience for you. This is a safe bet to go watch in 3D at the movies this weekend. You’ll probably also enjoy it more if you happen to catch it on DVD as well. Oh and don't bother waiting till the end...there's no ending credit scene.

The Rating: 7.5/10

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