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Saturday, December 29, 2012

Django Unchained Review

The Good:   There was blood, comedy, drama, and more blood. ALL of the actors did a phenomenal job.  Samuel L. Jackson and his "Stevie" character (may as well have been Uncle Rukus from the The Boondocks) will definitely have you either hating him or laughing. There is a lot of use of the N-word and such, but people must keep in mind that this movie was done with the intent of it being during one of the most UGLY times in American (if not even human) history...AND it was in the South of all places.

The Bad: I honestly had the hardest time finding something negative to say about the movie.

The Reason: I'd like to address all the controversy about this movie...(constant use of the N-word, physical abuse, and such) STOP it. All of that is unnecessary, and I'd say unfounded. There was more physical abuse in The Passion of the Christ, and probably just as many N-bombs in any Ice Cube Friday movie. And if someone were to mention the "race card" of a beaten black slave seeking revenge on evil slave masters, then I'd love to hear the out cry for the abused women in movies who are herald as heroines when they seek revenge on those who have done them wrong. ( Kill Bill, Enough, etc)

Simply great! Just think of Kill Bill meets Roots and that pretty much sums this movie up. This was yet another CLASSIC Quentin Tarantino film. This is a DEFINITE must watch. If racial issues bother you, you may want to steer clear of this. Buy it, download it, whatever. Just see this!

The Rating: 10/10

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